How head & shoulders CAUSES dandruff

So you’ve been using head and shoulders shampoo since childhood, it works amazing fine on your head, but only until you keep using it! :O oh!

Couple of years back I was wondering, I have dandruff, my brother have dandruff, everyone of our generation have dandruff, but the ones elder to us had less of it, the grand elders had even less! So there’s something wrong going on!

why not to use head and shouldersMy guess at that time was that we might be using some product that’s leading to all this. This could be the branded milks, breads, white eggs, bla bla! Don’t know.

But recently I’ve come to a sort of conclusion that the anti dandruff shampoos might be the cause themselves for causing dandruff! Please note that I’m open to discussion and opinions on this idea but with some proper logic or explanation only.

What exactly anti dandruff shampoo do?

Certain organisms or “germs” on your skin of the head cause dandruff. What anti dandruff shampoo does is that they kill those germs and thus the dandruff production stops on your head.

Now there are two situations. One is the patient who has dandruff and needs to get rid of it. For them we can consider for now that well, anti dandruff shampoos are fine to go for! But then there is another category of people who don’t have dandruff but end up using those products because either someone else in their home uses it and it’s found in their washrooms shelf, or else just because of the ads and media they end up using them.

So what happens is, that the “normal” bacteria and germs which their body has become used to and resistant with get killed. So what? So this that the place is empty for opportunistic organisms to take over there and cause trouble. Specially fungi (often leading to sebhorrhic dermatitis).

Solution – don’t use head and shoulders uselessly?

We take bath and wash ourselves to clean ourselves from dirt and debris. Do that only. Stop the habit of killing everything around. Use the products which are not medicinal like head and shoulders!


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