How head & shoulders CAUSES dandruff

So you’ve been using head and shoulders shampoo since childhood, it works amazing fine on your head, but only until you keep using it! :O oh! Couple of years back I was wondering, I have dandruff, my brother have dandruff, everyone of our generation have dandruff, but the ones elder to us had less of … Continue reading How head & shoulders CAUSES dandruff

Winter Skin Care tips for beautiful skin

Winter it on! cold breeze, cracking lips, crispy weather, it all calls for better skin care as usual skin care regimes fail in this season. During winters, skin becomes tight, dull, dry and lacks moisture due to cold weather. It can even result in skin conditions like cracking, flaking and eczema in some patients. Ignoring … Continue reading Winter Skin Care tips for beautiful skin

Photonic Shampoo

Photonic Shampoo by PharmaHealth Pakistan (Pvt) Limited is sodium free shampoo for daily use for silky, shiny & healthy hair. It’s an anti-dandruff and anti-fungal shampoo with normal pH level. It contains conditioner too. Photonic shampoo reviews are good and suggestive of it’s efficacy. Photonic Max shampoo is also in the market and seems like … Continue reading Photonic Shampoo