Best minimum exercise for everyday to stay fit

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me which exercises should definitely be done on regular basis to stay fit and in good toned up shape.

Well, there are many exercise and workout regimes that claim to be the best in that aspect, I’ll tell you what’s the minimum required exercise for everyday.

1. Running/jogging


No matter how much weight you lift, no matter how fast u swim, and no matter how hard you punch, running or jogging is the basic exercise which should never be missed. I have heard various occasional sportsmen say they don’t need jogging because they do this or that bla bla! Hey, listen, no matter what you do, running is a must.

You should be able to run 1 mile (1.6km) in less than 6 minutes if you’re an athlete or atleast within 7 minutes if you like calling yourself fit.

2. Push-ups


Since long, broad shoulders and wide chest are considered the sign of fitness and masculinity. Pushups help you tone up and even develop your shoulders, chest abdominals and back muscles. Yes you need pushups to have those six packs too!

Minimum requirement is to be able to do atleast 25 perfect pushups at a time.

3. Chin-ups/pull-ups


Goto any martial arts club, karate, Kungfu etc, you will see the kids there jumping around and doing hell difficult exercises all around but none, almost none of the clubs or institutes focus on chin-ups, infact they don’t even have a chinup bar at the dojo! Oh come on! How are you even claiming to be fit without chin-ups?

Chin-ups train your shoulders, neck, back and chest a lot! And again, it helps in getting your six packs too.

A healthy person should be able to do 5 chin-ups at a time, minimum! With either over or an under grip.

You should do this exercise atleast 5 times a day and take saturday/sunday full off if you want to.

An athlete can do other exercises along with it which he wants to but if he isn’t doing these then he is doing bad to himself! So start jogging, pushups and pull-ups during your workouts regularly!

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