10 things slim people do to stay slim

Ever got jealous of your slim cousin? damn! we are family! and he’s still so slim! Without exercise!

Why does my neighbor looks so fresh and fit in dress everytime! :( Why is my younger sister smart and Im not? and so on! well there must be something right? same genes, same environment, then whats different? some secret tips maybe, which “we” made secret for ourselves by overlooking them.

10 things slim people do to stay slim

Here are 10 things slim people do to stay slim. If you follow them, you can control your weight from gaining back too, or even let you lose some weight too!

1. Slim people follow a routine

Slim people follow a set pattern. It could be very simple one though! Like eating at some specific times, eating at the same place and location even, eating some specific food on specific days of week and so on!

2. Slim people eat same portion of food in same bowl

Slim people know how much to eat. They eat in the same bowl or plate to have measure of their portion sizes when they eat.

3. Slim people eat when they eat

Slim people take their meal seriously. They don’t sit in front of tv and start eating, or while walking, driving etc. They take the food, sit down, and eat.

4. Slim people eat slowly

Eating slowly helps, no not by burning more calories by moving your mouth for longer time! but it’s a fact that if you keep eating for ~40 minutes even a handful of nuts, it will satisfy your tummy! so don’t keep eating for 40 minutes though! but whatever you eat, eat slowly and take smaller bites.

5. Slim people have breakfast

Studies show that those who skip breakfasts are more prone to obesity and gaining weight than those who take it. By not taking breakfast, the body bmr (basal metabolic rate) goes down almost 5%. Which means 1 complete day spent hibernating in every 20 days! so weight gain is obvious!

6. Slim people know how to plan and shop

Slim people don’t go out and start buying all catchy stuff. They know what to get. What they need, and what they should eat.

7. Slim people right food in right sequence

Slim people eat food in a sequence. They don’t drink in the end of meal. They have salad with the meal. They drink water before the meal. Start the meal with salt and so on. Their food contains proper proportions of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

8. Slim people know how to say NO

A person said to me that he can’t get slim because when he is at clients, they offer tea and cake/biscuits which he have to take every now and then many times a day. Well, I wish he knew how to say NO! Slim people know how and when to say No to wrong type of food.

9. Slim people don’t nibble

If you can’t control, then stay away from the food or fruit basket. Nibbling gives you so much extra food intake that it all builds up your tummy!

10. Slim people eat at regular times before getting hungry

Slim people eat at regular times everyday. They don’t rush to food when they’re hungry, rather they don’t let themselves hungry and eat at regular times.

Hopefully by going through these things which slim people do, fat ones can’t get some tips on how to get slim too!

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