Lets lose 10 Kg in month of Ramadan

Its the blessed month of Ramadan. Many people get reason to get fat in this month but hey wait, what if I can help you lose some weight in it?

Ok so if you want to lose 10 kg in month of Ramadan (could be 5 kg more or less depending upon you!) follow this regime


Keep the sehri simple to lose weight in month of Ramadan.

Have only egg white (boiled).

If you take yoghurt or lassi in morning to avoid thirst, then take the one with skimmed milk.


Open the fast with date (1 is enough) and have plenty of water. You can have sugar free drinks like Diet Rooh afza or diet coke too.

Get up and have a break for prayers. Take time. And now it’s time for dinner.

Have roasted chicken breast in dinner only.


You can exercise at these timings in month of Ramadan: (remember, it might be difficult for first 3-4 days only)

Before aftari, walk or jog for 30 minutes.

After aftari with date and water, have a break, and goto gym or any other activity.

Hopefully you will lose 1 kg in 3 days through this regime and ultimately 10 kg in 1 month of Ramadan!

Do share you progress with us!

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  1. salam nabeel

    my height is 166 cm and weight is 78 kg and m married, i want to lose 10 kg fastly maximum in 2 months, please tell me proper diet plan and exercise, in march 2011 my weight was 83 dan i again check my weight in may 2011 and then i lose 5 kgs, rite now its 78, so please tell me how could i lose 10 kg fast. i m also planning for pregnancy, so please tell me proper diet and exercise esp for ramadan.

    • w/s

      well as you said you're planning for pregnancy, then I think you should just take normal meal with reduced carbohydrates only.

      Do consult gynecologist about this diet plan above before following it too.

  2. if i used half roti in lunch and dinner plus green tea,tomatoes and oatmeal without sugar in breakfast, drink lots of water, use skimmed milk, eating walnuts,drink lemonade with honey plus 2 hr walk, is dis ok for me to lose 10 kg fastly??

    • Yeah it should be great!

  3. thanks alot :)

    • you're welcome!

  4. Dr.nabeel

    im 14 years old can i try this and if yes before eftari can i swim enstead of walking ???

    • yes you can swim (please confirm from any scholar if swimming don't affect fast)

  5. ok thanks

    • you're welcome Amna

  6. asalam u alikum.i want to reduce 5 to 6 kg in a week and it is ramadan time too so can u plz say me my diet plan.

  7. i usualy take 1 roti in morning (sehar) with 1 egg.and in iftar a glass of milk and bowl of fruit salad.i even dont get time to do excersize.sometime i do cheat my self by eating 1 or 2 samosas:p

    • take egg white only and skimmed milk (avoid milk if possible)

  8. wil ds diet plan work or should i change

  9. Hi nabeel
    i m 27 year old and my height is 5.5 and weight 77 kg please tell me how could i lose 15 kg i took alot of fat burners but in vain kindly help me

    • Hina, follow the diet plan + exercise routine in this post and you will see results really fast!

  10. Asalam aleikum. I was wonderin if I go wid the diet plan u suggested and successfully lose weight during da month of ramadhan after ramadhan if I start havin my brkfst ,lunch normally wouldn’t all da weight come back?? Jus wanted to confirm this.. Ramadhan mubarak to all :))

    • if you’ll add high fat and sweets in meals, then yes it will come back

  11. asslam alaikum , i m 28year old women weight 69 n height 156cm. i want to loose 5 kg in ramzan. but without water during day is it possible to loose weight? plz reply me i m very confused abt it.

    • yes it is possible :)

  12. can i lose weight by starving and exercise ?

    • why starve ?

  13. Good morning doctor,

    i am 5ft, weight 51 kgs and have a huge amount of fat stored around my hips. I wanted to ask if i pursue gym during the fast will i lose weight more?? And how much, considering that i workout for 2 hours. Also will i lose fat or just water weight??
    Thank you so much :)

    • exercising while fasting will exhaust you more, its better to just do iftar with water and just a bit of something and then exercise before dinner, so that you’re hydrated atleast

      and if you do it for long time, very long time, it will be fat loss of course

  14. I am 23 male. i have applied for army and i am over weight of 11Kg.They told me to lose 4 kg in a week.

    So suggest me a balance diet and tough exercise. so i can make it in the month of ramazan.


    • losing 4 kg in a week is absolutely possible but you’ll have to dedicate yourself to physical exertion all day long!

  15. Hi dr i wanted to ask u something please tel me can i use hcg diet injuctions or drops for weight lose.beacuse i hv stubben fat n i m v fed up.i m in diet last 8 month with walk.pls answr me what i do my weight still 77 kg

    • hina, don’t use them for just losing weight! there are better ways to do it.

  16. How many boiled egg white should I have in sehri to reduce 10 kg in ramzan my weight is 84 kg

    • you can have 2 boiled egg whites in sehri

  17. Can I have fruit salad instead of roasted chicken in aftari

    • you need protein Aaisha :) add some fruit then have chicken / protein

  18. can i drink 2 glasses of regular milk later in aftari????

    • you can have skimmed milk

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