Diet for Ramadan to lose weight

Ramadan is here again in 2016! First of all Ramadan Kareem to everyone specially all the Muslims around the world. May this month bring blessings and forgiveness to you and your family. ramadan dietRamadan is a month in which one can either gain weight or lose weight, depending upon how you utilize it and what you eat, other than your prayers :) In this post, I’ll be sharing my expected general routine for the month of Ramadan. Please note, it’s general routine, not a strict one, you can alter it depending upon your own situations. My aim for diet is to lose around 5-10 kg this month. Also note, mild exercise as discussed in the end is also important but you can alter it a bit from what I’m doing.

Diet Sehri for Ramadan:

The diet which I’m taking this Ramadan in Sehri is as follows:

  • Namkeen Lassi (salted) 2-3 glass. (although I’m not having sugar free yoghurt, having natural yoghurt, but you can have sugar free one to have more weight loss effect). Lassi helps you fight thirst during the day when you are Fasting :)
  • 2 boiled egg whites (no egg yolk) You can have any other protein if you like.
  • Half to full chapati / bread. You can also have bran bread for added weight loss.
  • Lots and lots of water.

Diet Aftari for Ramadan:

  • Khajoor / Dates (2-3)
  • Salted Lemon water (2-3 glass)
  • Fruit (melon or so, not mangoes ofcourse!)

After Aftari take a break, goto mosque for prayers, come back and have normal dinner which you will have otherwise or diet one.

Exercise during Ramadan:

Do some what exercise before Aftari. But not very strenuous, just casual exercise. Have some exercise after Aftari but before the dinner meal.

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7 Responses to "Diet for Ramadan to lose weight"

  1. Aslam alikum
    Dear doctor my diet is tottly control in rmzan sehri mai surf yought air panic air wftari mai doodh air fruit chat air dinner mai 1 piece bar b q chicken hai aftqri k bad 2 hrs ka hard workout hair runig crunches etc BT there is no quickly result I m tottly deppres help me about my weight is 90

    • Khubaib it will help you gradually! how much weight have you lost till now?

    • You have to be patient with your routine
      What is your height?
      What is your BMI?
      It will access how much you require work out to lose weight

  2. As salamu alaikum,
    Will this help me in losing weight like the 10 kg in ten days regime? I have been lookin through all your posts now, and I feel really motivated to start. I am a mother of two kids, currently weigh 103 and I am 168 cm. I need to lose more and in order to exercise properly I initially need to lose some weight otherwise it gets tough. My kid just turned one year and it’s not quite possible for me to have the kid and run, I have an elliptical machine can I do that instead? Can you kindly give me a rough meal plan to jump start? I used to do juicing once in a while can I include that too? Also can I eat salds for my meal?? Like tabouleh? I really really wanna try the 10 kg in ten days challenge! Can you kindly make it kid: women friendly for me?

    • Walaikum Assalam.

      I’m glad that the posts motivated you! About exercising with kid, can’t you hand him over to someone in your home for an hour?

      And yes, I can craft a woman and mother friendly diet and exercise routine for you soon and update you.

  3. So I tried walking for half an hour and I already feel tired and sleepy and have blisters on feet.. How is it possible for people who weigh higher to run? Shouldn’t there be other activities we could adapt to? How about elliptical for two hours ? This is in regards to losing 10 kg in 10 days. Kindly answer . Can’t wait to start this diet tomorrow. I plan to have two egg whites and a bowl of salad for sahri and for iftar a bowl of salad plus vegetable juice. Is it good enough?

    • What’s your weight, height and age?

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