Why woman gain fat more easily than men

Well anyone who’s fat blames it on their tendency on getting fat faster than others, their room mates, their family members, every single person alive. This is specially true for women, however, there are certain reasons why women really gain fat more easily than men and in this article we’re going to talk about them a little.

Why woman gain fat more easily than men

Why woman gain fat more easily than menFirst of all, females body has an overall greater percentage of fat. Blame it on the hormonal changes that prepare the female body for pregnancy and then child bearing and lactation, the secondary sexual characters of the females include having more fat. However it doesn’t stop here. Long after the age of puberty, they still feel like having higher tendency to gain weight as compared to their male counterparts even when on the same diet!

Lets see some of the factors contributing to the easier weight gain in women as compared to men!

Females have Less muscle and more fat

At basic weight and bmi (body mass index), the female body has a higher percentage of fat as compared to the males.

The fat cell uses almost 1 calorie per hour. On the other hand, the muscles cell uses almost 6 calories per hour. This means that the extra percentage of fat already present in the females body is using less energy as compared to the muscles of the male counterpart, thus resulting in more energy being conserved and saved as more fat in her body. Thus the same diet for a women can make her gain weight as compared to the men.

Women has slow basal metabolic rate (BMR)

This is highly variable, however females have slower BMR (basal metabolic rate) usually. This can again be justified by the preparation for pregnancy requirements by nature for the females body. However the hormonal differences and the life styles of females plays an important role in slow bmr too.

Women work in Kitchen and have cravings

Kitchen is the females area mainly. The women while working in the kitchen and cooking meals are exposed to edibles more often than men and thus have a lot of binge eating during their kitchen stay.

This unplanned and uncontrolled eating is one of the ignored reasons why women tend to be overweight more than men in families where they’re the ones managing the kitchen mainly.

Women undergo less outdoor activities

Before you start thinking about the outdoor window shopping and sports, that some women do, tell me who gets the bread for your home? Men! You disposes the trash? Your son or husband! Right? Majority of the outdoor activity is performed by men usually, therefore more unnoticed energy expenditure. This expenditure results in more calorie consumption and less weight gain in men than in women even on the same diet.

Women classic Stress and Depression

The special gifted features of women, depression and stress on issues that are usually non issue for men, also contributes to the weight gain in females. It’s not that men don’t have the stress and depression states, they just tend to overcome and get over them faster than women usually.

During the stress and depression phases, there are practical hormonal changes in females body that lead to excessive cravings and also enhance fat storage directly too resulting in weight gain in females!

By understanding the causes and reasons why they gain weight more easily than men they can simply modify their life styles and adjust accordingly so that these flaws and natural causes of weight gain can be minimized and they can work on effective weight loss!


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