Why do guys shiver after pee and do women shiver too?

This question has been asked a lot of times that why do guys shiver when they pee sometimes? Also, do women shiver too? If yes then how often?

Well there have been a lot of answer and explanations to this question, we’ll try to sum them up and come up with as much detail to this as possible.

What are Pee shivers or Pee gasms?

Pee shivers or pee gasms are the involuntary shudder that some people experience while they urinate. Various theories are associated with this phenomenon including dropping of blood pressure, change in the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (autonomic nervous system), etc.

pee shivers gasms

Why do guys shiver after pee?

There are numerous explanations to this question, why do we shiver after urination, including:

1. Our body loses heat

One of the explanation given to the query why our body shivers after urination is that as we micturate, as the urine is warm, our body loses some heat through it and then in return to compensate for the heat loss, it shivers the muscles to generate some extra heat. So as per this school of thought, it’s just a reflex mechanism to the drop in temperature caused by urinating.

2. Exposure of sensitive parts

Another school of thought describes it as a reflex to the exposure of the private parts that are considered sensitive and the specie protects them and keeps them hidden usually in modern days. Exposure of these parts results in the reflex, appearing as a shiver.

3. Autonomic Nervous System

The process of peeing involves the autonomic nervous system as it includes relaxing the internal sphincter and contraction of the bladder in order to let the urine come out of the urethra. So the process needs various neurotransmitters and chemicals to be released and once the process is complete, the balance shifts back to the normal state, resulting in the shiver due to the overall chemical release in that moment or stage probably.

4. Passage of spermatozoa in the urinary canal

Some explain it by giving the logic that during peeing the sperms may enter the urinary canal and this causes us to shiver. Well this logic might be invalid as it doesn’t explain why females shiver while urinating.

5. Drop in blood pressure

Another theory states that the blood pressure drops a bit while we try to pee, in order to initiate the process of urinating. So the change in the chemicals, blood pressure and the autonomous nervous system balance results in the shiver.

Do women have pee shivers after peeing too?

Well the short answer is Yes, women shiver too after peeing, but to a less extend than males. This can be attributed to the fact that women don’t pee while standing like a lot of men do! Thus resulting in difference in the process and thus the outcome too or at least the percentage of the outcome.

It can also be considered that the shivering after peeing can be due to more than one factor too, or none of the above mentioned ones too! What’s your opinion regarding this query? Also, how often do you experience ‘pee shivers’ or ‘pee gasms’.

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