Which part of the human body doesn’t increase in size

We all know that human body grows in size since a child is born. But there is a part of body which remains of same size. The size that it had at the time of birth!

Make a wild guess and see if you can answer correctly that which part of the body don’t increase in size with age!

It’s an interesting riddle. Hopefully, people who have read anatomy / embryology in their medical sciences would be able to guess it some how!

Which part of the body doesn’t grow in size?

which part of the body doesn't increase in size after birth

So ready to know the part of body which doesn’t grow in size as one gets older?

Ok the answer is in the next line:

Answer: Stapes bone or Eye (eye is controversial)

That’s right, a human eye don’t increase in size (controversial now). The size remains the same through his life, from birth till death!

However, Some claim it’s the ear ossicle Stapes that doesn’t increase in size after birth.

Update 2: Research and data gets updated regularly. The data we had at the time of publishing this post in 2011 was different. Now we have more inclination that eyes do grow in size after birth.

Update: Eyes grow in size? confusion!

There’s been discussion on the fact that eyes do grow in size. Some argue that it’s just the skin that gets stretched and the eyes appear to have increased in size. However others argue that there is actual increase in the size of the eye!

Eyes grow till teenage

Some claims suggest that our eyes keep growing until teenage and its size doesn’t only seem bigger due to the stretch in skin around the eyes. They say that the eye ball of a child grows slowly and then as he reaches teenage it slows down even more, but it does keep growing up to the age of 16. So according to them the claim that eyes are the organ of the human body that doesn’t increase in size is incorrect. As eyes grow around 10 to 15% in size as one ages.

Ear ossicle bone Stapes

It’s also claimed that the ear ossicle, stapes, doesn’t increase in size throughout life. This seems to be claimed through the research published in ncbi . This research claims that the size of stapes gets smaller, if not same, as the individual grows old up to 70 years of age. However we can’t base the absolute claim on the basis of single research only.

One more flaw in this research is that it didn’t calculate the size of the stapes in person throughout various years of his life. Thus we can’t assume that the stapes size started reducing after birth or did it grow larger first in initial years and then reduced in size.

We’ll be researching over the topic and update it here once we have some strong and valid information regarding the issue.

If you’ve any research or content regarding which part of the body doesn’t increase in size, please share with us. No matter if it’s eye or anything else! But should be backed by scientific evidence!

Eyes or Stapes bone?

If you get a question regarding which part of our body doesn’t increase in size, you might probably have either eye in it or stapes, not both. However if you do get both, then prefer stapes.


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