Things a surgeon should have in his pocket

Every profession has its own tools that the professional should have readily available with him.

These tools are necessary because the professional might not be able to perform the tasks properly without them.

Same goes for the surgeons, or the interns of surgery. They should carry a few items with them all the time, specially in the hospital or emergency room, or wherever they feel they need to be ready to perform minor surgical procedures or manage any emergency on the go!

Things a surgeon should have in his pocket

A surgeon, specially a surgery intern, should have these items in his pocket all the time.

  1. surgical blade
  2. gloves
  3. 0 silk suture
  4. angiocath
  5. swab, guaze
  6. some money
  7. pocket / hand book of your current department’s speciality
These things might seem obvious and available in hospital setup, but literally, having them in your pocket saves a LOT of time, not only helping the surgeon to preserve his energy in looking for them at the time of need, but also, might save someone’s life when every second is counting.

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