Pollen allergy season in Islamabad, Pakistan

March and April are the months of pollen allergy in Islamabad, Pakistan. The influx of patients to the emergency department with aggravated asthma in these months is too high. P.I.M.S (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) has set up a seperate allergy clinic for asthma allergy patients in emergency to manage the patients as soon as they get into the hospital.

Tips to avoid pollen allergy outcomes for the patients with asthma specially:

  • pollen allergyAvoid dust
  • Avoid going into the hilly areas or lush green areas where pollen is in abundance
  • Wear the protective mask to keep out any pollens from getting into your wind pipe
  • Avoid cold
  • Nebulize everyday for around 10 minutes
  • keep the inhaler with you at all times, specially when you go out
  • Take mast cell stabalizer (monteka for example) and antihistamine (telfast-d for example) during this season to help avoind getting pollen allergy attacks.

If the patient gets serious shortness of breath (SOB) don’t wait for magic to happen at home, rush him or her to the hospital.


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