PIMS, Medical ward 6 finally got an ECG machine (donation)

I’ve been in general medicine team 2 of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences with Dr Rauf Niazi team for more than a month and since my day one, there wasn’t any ecg machine in the ward.

It’s not that the ECG machine was malfunctioning or had some issue, there was NO ECG machine at all in the ward!

Now, recently they received a donation of ECG, thanks to God, which is obviously now kept in locker!

I don’t need to tell the importance of ECG machine in a ward of hospital! Where whenever you need an ecg machine, no other ward lends it to you, partly because most of them don’t have it too or their machines are malfunctioning!

Whenever there was a death in the ward, to get a straight line ecg, we had to beg other wards to give it to us for some time. Whenever patients needed an ecg done they were sent to ER to request them to do their ecg and so on!

No ECG machine is not the only thing that was missing for last month… there’re a lot of things.

Infact after working there, the great tertiary care hospital, one wonders if this is the condition of the tertiary care hospital of the capital of Pakistan, what will be the condition of the rest of the hospitals . . .

Thanks to those who donated the ECG machine to the ward! hospital administration and management wouldn’t have even bothered to provide the machine for next 100 years maybe on their own!

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