Medical and Surgical wards in PIMS

This post is about medical and surgical wards in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and which departments they are of.

This is the list of wards of main PIMS hospital. This don’t include paeds, gynae and burn unit.

The main building of PIMS hospital has two floors. The ground floor is for medical wards and the first floor has the operation theatre and surgical wards.

Medical Wards in PIMS

Medical ward 1 : Nephrology

Medical ward 2 : (semi) Private ward

Medical ward 3 : Gastrology

Medical ward 4 : Neurology + Psychiatry

Medical ward 5 : Pulmonology + Rheumatology

Medical ward 6 : General Medicine

Surgical Wards in PIMS

Surgical ward 1 : Plastic Surgery + Urology

Surgical ward 2 : Orthopaedics

Surgical ward 3 : Neuro Surgery

Surgical ward 4 : ENT + Eye

Surgical ward 5 : General Surgery (team 1 and team 3)

Surgical ward 6 : General Surgery (team 2 and team 3)

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