Major Clinical features of polyneuropathies – Peripheral neuropathy

This informative article will try to point out that what are the major clinical features of poly neuropathies.

  • Symmetrical distal weakness and wasting
  • symmetrical distal sensory impairment
  • loss of tendon reflexes
    • generalized loss in demyelinating neuropathies
    • distal loss in axonal(dying back) neuropathies
  • Tremor of outstretched fingers in chronic neuropathies
  • Pes cavus in early-onset, familial neuropathies
  • Enlargement of peripheral nerves in chronic demylinating neuropathies, and in leprosy (Hansen’s disease)
  • Distal burning pain in small fibre neuropathies, e.g. diabetes mellitus

These are the major clinical findings in a patient with poly neuropathies.

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