Lose Belly Fat fast – exercies and diet

It’s hard to lose weight mostly, even harder to lose belly fat fast and permanently. People have different types of fat distribution on their body. Some have it all over them, almost equally distributed, while others may have fat and weight accumulated at some part of body more than others like on belly, thighs, hip, etc.

So how to lose the belly fat?

First of all, losing the weight overall will definitely affect the fat in the belly and abdominal region too, so if you are grossly overweight, then you should follow general weight loss guidelines to lose some overall weight.


To be specific, reduce carbohydrates (sweets, bread, rice) in your diet and increase the protein. This will help you reduce the size of your belly and waist very fast!

You are required to do some sport to tone up your body. Again, in this case, not only the belly muscles, but overall body, to give you a well organized look. Swimming is the best exercise, but if you can’t do it, then join aerobics or basketball or any other sport. Pushups and pullups help alot in toning up the general body.

Don’t take big meals at once, and DON’T take water while eating or within 2 hours of meal. This will reduce the size of your stomach by reducing it’s continuous stretch, and will help you get a flat belly and lose weight.

Exercises to lose belly fat fast

Nothing can beat a full body workout to lose overall body weight. It’s important to note that body fat and weight isn’t lost by local exercises. Means you can’t lose your thighs fat by doing thighs exercises only. You will also lose thighs fat if you do overall jogging or swimming.

So the best exercises are jogging / running, swimming, horse riding (proper, not just for fun).

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