Lose a kilo a day Now

Although not a good idea, but is it possible? Yes it is! even losing 2 kg a day is possible but lets just stick to losing 1 kg in 1 day for now.

Now let me make it clear, it’s not possible without exercise. You have to do exercise to lose a kilo a day with a diet plan. In fact losing weight without exercise is damaging for the body, let me explain how have weight loss exactly!

Losing weight without exercise

Body has a unique way of managing body tissues. It gets rid of the tissues which aren’t used, upto a great extent if not completely. (does it explain why some of your friends don’t have brain at all? naa just joking)

Well, if you’ll not use some muscles of the body for long time, body will reduce their size and power over time. Now combine that with already going on effort to lose weight by starvation mode. This will result in total emaciation of the muscles of the body, leaving behind a skin on bones.

I don’t think that’s a good idea, and I hope you don’t too! being slim and fit is too much different from looking like a somalian starving kid.

Starvation mode without proper exercise (or even with exercise) is highly dangerous.

So then how to proceed? well have a very finely balanced diet plan and use exercise as a tool to cut down all the extra pounds over your gorgeous six packs body.

lose 1 kilo in 1 day

How to lose 1 kilo a day

so how to really lose 1 kilo a day? (1 kg weight just to clarify) or some might be asking for how to lose 7 kg in a week? (7kg per 7 days!) Well first of all, it’s entirely possible. Is it healthy? in long run if you keep losing at this pace then it’s not healthy, but for short spans its fine, if exercise is used as the main source to lose weight. Finer than being obese at least!

So to lose 1 kilo a day, you have to have a diet that’s explained and given on this blog at various times plus a very very extensive exercise plan.

Think of it as diet to be just enough not to let weight gain, and all the remaining work is done by exercise.

Professional athletes even spend up to 6000 calories a day! so activity like them can literally make you slim within days!

Diet to lose 1 kilo a day

Let me be blunt, you won’t be having any liberty to have sugar, sweets, chocolates, mangoes, etc. Not until you get in shape at least.

So what can you have? Well for breakfast: use boiled egg white only with bran bread if necessary, other wise skip it and have green tea only.

For lunch, an apple, or skip it simply. Yes you heard it right.

For dinner, well combine lunch and dinner and have it soon after sunset. Have normal meal but with a very very minimum bread or rice. The food should be having as less oil as possible.

Remember to have multivitamins and calcium with long term dieting, specially if you’re having exercise with it. Remember to have 3 glass of water with 1 tablet of calcium.

Have plenty and plenty of water!

Exercise to lose 1 kilo a day

Jog all day! Well jogging / running for 2 hours a day with a nice diet plan can literally result in 1 kg loss in 1 day! or even more sometimes!

So ideal is to have 1 hour of jogging and 1 hour of fitness training including chin ups, push ups, aerobics, etc.

The goal is to have lots of muscle mass and least of fat, for both boys and girls!

Let me know if you have any queries or progress!

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