Lose 10 Kg before new year

Well with huge fame and success of my how I lost 10 kg in 10 days, I’ve decided to compile the weight loss stuff for the month of december so that we can have a new ME on the new year night!

It’s not easy to lose weight

Let me shatter all your dreams first, losing weight is tough, its hard and difficult. But crossing road is difficult too isn’t it? but we do when we have to! So with proper aim, focus and dedication we can achieve it!

Define a Realistic goal for weight loss resolution

lets not go for losing 50 kg in 1 month. Lets just stick to realistic goals like 5-10 kg maximum in the month of december till new year night.

Also, focus is going to be on overall health and physique, not just getting emaciated and losing everything we have on our bones.

Our aim is to lose as much excess weight as we can and built as much muscles we can and look amazing in 2015!

this year i'll lose those kilos for sure sounds familiar

Girls and gaining muscles

Whenever I’ve told my female patients, clients or friends that they need to put on some muscle training and gain some healthy muscle, they’re like what? we’re girls! Oh really? so?

Well there are many misconceptions among females regarding muscles development. The first one that doing muscle training will make their muscles bulky and look ugly! well ladies, it takes us men years and years of training (without steroids) to have some muscle mass, females have far less potential to build them already, so stop worrying about that!

Secondly, if it won’t gain muscle size, then why to do it? well because it gives your body strength, a proper posture, boasts your immune system, makes you feel happy, and so on.

How to get slim before new year

So lets get back to the point, how do we get slim and in best possible shape before the new year night! Well we’ll be needing few things for this:

  1. awareness
  2. will power
  3. specific planning
  4. moral help

Lets discuss them one by one

1. Awareness for weight loss

First of all we need to stop thinking about everything else, right now, and at this very moment focus on the thing that we need to do this weight loss. Why we need to do this, what will change after this, and so on. See yourself as someone else and witness yourself, be aware of yourself and what you’re doing, what you need to do, specially for weight loss.

2. Will power

Now we’ve a really limited supply of will power. So gather it all. Stop wasting it on useless stuff, including being angry on people who mean nothing or other such stuff. I’ll explain it in detail in our enhancing productivity course.

3. Specific planning

Ok right now, right after you finish reading this post I want you to stop doing anything else to write a plan of exactly what you’ll do and how you will do. Write it on a piece of paper, not in your mind, with specific details.

4. Moral help

Talk to your friends and family that you need to lose weight and this can’t be done without their help. Tell them to encourage you when you’re trying to avoid junk. Tell them not to pass you the bowl of sugar when you ask for it even. Tell your maid not to make paratha for you in the morning and so on. Clean your fridge and drawer of all junk items which you need to avoid.

Diet for weight loss till new year

Well ideally a healthy diet should be taken, always, but as we’ve put on tons of weight on us, we need to modify it a bit more so that we can lose that weird stuff on our body.

What not to eat at all

These are the NO NO NO things:

  • No sugar, what so ever (ice cream, shakes, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, etc)
  • No oil in spoon (things can be cooked in oil, but you shouldn’t eat gross oil)
  • No packaged products, no biscuits, no chocolates, no bread

What to eat a lot

Focus on eating / having a lot of this:

  • water (yeah!)
  • cucumber

What is ok to eat

Now as we’ve known what not to eat, what are the things which are fine to be eaten?

  • protein stuff is fine, chicken, mutton, fish, egg white, etc.
  • low caloric and low sweet fruits (apple, blueberries, etc)
  • boiled rice (small quantity)
  • unrefined wheat bread / bran bread (very very less quantity)

Multivitamins and minerals

DO NOT SKIP THIS. Multivatmins and minerals are a must for us. As we’re going to avoid a lot of otherwise fine and healthy food to get slim, we need multivitamins and minerals to be replenished by other sources. I’m not going to advice or advertise any brand here. Look yourself for an average multivitamin (yes average, not low, not best) and calcium (other minerals if possible but calcium is a must).

Tip: when taking calcium, take 1 glass of water before taking it, 1 while taking it and 1 right after taking it to avoid kidney stones.

Daily diet plan for losing weight till new year

I’m not a fan of spoon feeding my readers. I like you to define your own plan and menu, as I said, right after you read this post. However general tips are:

  • have boiled egg white in the morning with 1 piece of bran bread or an omlate
  • no sugar or sweets all day
  • skimmed milk is fine and so is skimmed yoghurt (both sugar free)
  • avoid artificial sweeteners too if possible
  • have a meal between lunch and dinner time
  • make that meal high in protein with lots of water and some fiber. You can have fish, mutton, chicken bar b q, etc.

If you have your recipes ask me if they’re good to follow.

Exercise! MUST

It is not going to work without exercise. It’s hard to start it, I know, it’s hard for everyone, me too. Muhammad Ali (boxer) said he hated every single minute of his training, yet he is a legend! But you need to do this for minimum 1 month, then you need to slow down the pace and get as casual fitness exercise. In fact after a month you won’t feel the exercise to be tough too!

Exercise is a must, for at least 1 hour. 30 mins jogging (start it and push yourself to that time day by day if you can do it on first day). Pushups and chin ups are must and general body aerobics too. Then you can add any exercises which you like.


Life is short, whats the point in living it without seeing the best of yourself? what’s the point in not having those six packs just because you’re scared of exercising and diet control for some months? Start today, start now. Sit down with a piece of paper and pen and write specific details. Even what time you will jog, who will wake you up, reminder on your wall on a chart board, where will you place your joggers and track suit. Remove all unnecessary items from the bridge! Get up!

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