I exercise alot and eat very less, still no weight loss

This is common complain by many people who are doing the weight loss – usually the right way!

You might have this issue too, you try to lose weight by doing both diet and exercise together. So lets see why is that you are not losing weight at all or not losing significant weight loss.

I exercise alot and eat very less, still no weight loss

First reason could be, that you are infact doing it the right way, you are doing the right exercises which give you good muscle mass and fat loss, thus toning and shaping up your body but at the same time, fat weight loss = muscle weight gain. So for that matter, you shouldn’t be worried!

Secondly, it could be that you are overlooking something. Specially in diet, forexample, some people think eating boiled rice is perfect for a low carb / calorie diet plan, which is wrong! (usually) and so on. Or else your exercise isn’t as effective as you might think, etc, So for that, get professional help (you can contact me if you like too)

Third, and it’s not funny, seriously, is that the weight machine is wrong. Weigh yourself on some other weight machine too and continue your diet / exercise regime and try again. Believe me, even this happened to me with my own weight machine! so you never know when this mechanical equipment gives you night mares!

So guys, whatever goes on, don’t lose hope, what to do? Just keep doing it! and keep an eye on your fit dress, that does it get lose or not, and it really matters more than just the weight scale reading! Good luck!


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