How to lose weight in your face Now

Although the whole body is a gift of God and it feels amazing to be gorgeous from head to tow, sometimes you feel that your face is heavier than the rest of the body, or disproportionate! So lets see if I can explain how to get rid of double chin and lose fat on your face!

Fat face reasons

Before we dive into understanding how to lose weight in your face, first lets have a look at several reasons due to which one might have face fat!

1. Fat face with overall fat body

Are you overall overweight? Do you have fat all around your body? well then it’s logical! your body distributes fat, at least as much as it can, throughout the body. So you can really get rid of this face fat easily.

2. Face fat because of Genes

Is everyone in your family having fat face? Even if they’re slim otherwise, does their face still look fat? Well then it’s not your fault! you’re having face face because of genetics! So first of all blaming yourself and be comfortable with what you’re. However the tips discussed below are going to help you lose the face fat in that case too but maybe not as much as for other people!

3. Swollen face because of disease

If you’re having some disease or having some medication due to which you have got a swollen face, then it’s recommended not to try any remedies on your own and consult your doctor. He might guide you in a better way as per your specific condition, disease and the medication that you’re having.

4. Someone said you have a fat face

If you’re looking for tips on how to get rid of face fat just because someone made fun of you? Stop! stop right now. If your face was big, you would have known years ago yourself, your intelligence is equal to them too. So only be cautious of something you think is lacking in you. And even if it does, don’t lose your confidence, be confident, be motivated and be consistent. Dedication is the key to success!

How to lose weight in your face

So you’re tired of your chubby cheeks? Well to be honest, the best way to get rid of face fat and specially to lose weight from your cheeks is to lose overall weight from all over the body. However, let me explain and simplify several things for you on how to do it optimally.

Please note, if you’re overall fat and target slimming your face only by getting rid of all the face fat, first of all it might not be possible as you’re considering it to be, secondly, it will make you appear disproportionate to your overall body! which will look more weird if you get a slim face.

To get rid of fat cheeks and overall face fat, follow these steps.

1. Get rid of subcutaneous fat

Ok so there are various layers of fat in our body. When we start losing weight, the initial one to go is the subcutaneous fat, so our face and hands for example, which don’t have much layers under the skin and fat one, are the ones to get slim first. Bones will appear pretty easily with curves. So focus on getting rid of subcutaneous fat, which is possible with diet and overall exercise.

Baby with lots of face fat
Baby with lots of face fat

2. Exercises to lose weight and so face fat

Now let me make it easy, only 4 exercises are enough not only to get rid of face fat, but of overall body weight too! Yes you can get slim by just 4 exercises (if good diet is maintained).

The exercise includes:

  • jogging
  • pushups
  • chin ups
  • abs (situps)

You will be amazed at how well your body and face will get by just doing these exercises regularly. It will not only make you overall slim, but also reduce the double chin if you have along with the face fat of course!

3. Diet to lose weight in your face

Yes you need a healthy diet to get rid of fat in your face! You’ll have to start eating healthy foods and avoid all junk foods and fizzy drinks. Not to mention no more fat and cheese filled pizzas and stuff! At least not until you get rid of your face fat. Stick to your weight loss diet for just a few days until you get in shape.

Focus more on proteins, they help in getting rid of subcutaneous fat and thus overall body weight loss. Remember that a slimmer overall body is better than just a slim face or just a slim part of body! so make sure you have rest of the body in its best shape first!

Once you’ve lost weight even, keep focusing on healthy diet and a healthy exercise on daily basis and make it your routine!

4. More water, less sugar and salt intake

Water is helpful, no matter what, although don’t go for toxic levels of water though!

However, make sure you minimize the sugar intake and almost stop it unnecessarily.

Salt intake however, is also important for normal functioning of the body. But to get rid of face fat, keep it in control might help.

Please note, reducing the amount of salt is a potential health issue in itself, so just bring salt intake to normal if you’re having high amounts of salts currently! otherwise simply go for first two, restrict sugar intake and increase water intake for a fat free face! In fact not just face, but overall body.

5. Face exercises for a fat free face

Spend time on facial muscle exercises. Having a sugar free bubble can be really helpful in this regard too. Simply start using your facial muscles. They won’t be using the fat and energy right next to them in your cheeks and from your face fat, however, the muscles tone will increase and they will look much more adjusted and organized, possibly slimmer.

6. Body language and posture for slimmer face

This might seem interesting. Stand in front of the mirror, or even take many pics of your face (better if along with your full body) and see specifically which part of the face looks bigger. See if just by changing the posture or the way you talk or gestures you make, you can hide your face fat or not. It might hide your double chin too if you carefully analyze different postures!

If yes then it’s voila! the easiest way to have a slimmer face and you no more need to find tips on how to lose weight in your face and how to get rid of a double chin!


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