How to lose 10 pounds in one week

First of all, make sure that you really need to lose this much weight or not. Sometimes you may definitely need to lose it or lose more than 10 pounds in fact, however some people don’t understand their required body weight and mistakenly try to lose it, getting them underweight or under the optimum weight.

To see if you’re overweight, check yourself in the mirror. Having skin on bones isn’t the target, not having extra fat is the aim.

Also, have a look at your BMI (body mass index) and see if you fall in the overweight category.

How to lose 10 pounds in one week?

Well so you’ve finally decided to lose those extra 10 pounds of weight from your body.

Losing 10 pounds in one week in a healthy way requires us to have both a diet plan to lose weight and an exercise plan to lose weight too. lose-10-pounds-in-one-week

Diet to lose 10 pounds in one week

Losing weight is easy, you just need to focus and dedicate yourself. Here are few tips to help you lose weight, read them all, they’re the real insight of losing 10 pounds in one week easily

Increase intake of water to lose weight

Water helps in many ways to lose weight. It cleanses the digestive system and allows the body to flush itself through the kidney.

Also having 2 to 4 glasses of water before every meal will make you feel fuller earlier and thus assist in weight loss by allowing you to eat less and losing 10 pounds fast.

Eat less calories then you burn

One pound of fat equals 3500 calories on average. You need to burn 3500 x 10 = 35000 extra calories in order to lose 10 pounds in a week.

So either you can have an exercise plan that allows you to burn 3500 calories a day (that would allow you to lose 10 pounds in 10 days). However you can cut down calories from your regular daily meal to compensate for the extra days, so that you can lose 10 pounds in 7 days only. Cut at least 500 calories per day in your daily diet to assist in weight loss.

Increase fiber in your diet

Fibers helps in weight loss. Include foods rich in fiber to assist in weight loss this includes raw and slightly cooked vegetables, fruits, etc.

High fiber diet may cause bloating, gas and mid cramps, however have good exercise and plenty of water to avoid this situation.

Stop sugar completely for weight loss

Sugar is one of those things which should be banned and probably only available as a medicine. Stop all types of sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, green sugar, blue sugar, any color of sugar you have.

Also stop taking sweetened drinks like pepsi, coke and others. This also includes packaged milk as they contain sugar too like nestle and also no packaged water too as it has sugar along with other harmful ingredients too.

Please note no artificial sweeteners too. Now it’s a long story why not to, but for now just remember not to have them either like no canderal or sucral.

Reduce carbohydrates intake for fast weight loss as they aid in retaining fat tissue in your body even if taken in lesser amounts. So reduce them to minimum.

Watch your portion size for quick weight loss

Learn the portion sizes of different ingredients you should have. Cut them to minimum if you’re not sure how much you should be consuming them.

Stay away from fried foods

Fried foods are high in fat and calories and all your effort is useless if you forget cutting on these. This includes all the toxic foods including kfc and mcdonalds too.

Exercise to lose 10 pounds in one week

Now here comes the real thing! Exercise! This could be the most easy or the most difficult thing depending upon one’s life style and the activity he chooses to lose weight.

It’s better to chose something that you can get partners for. Start some game, dancing, martial arts, etc. to lose weight.

However there is no alternate to 3 exercises and should be done religiously to lose weight and even after that too. They include:

  • Running / jogging
  • Pushups
  • Pull ups / chin ups

Make sure you run at least 1 hour (divide in 2 if you can’t do at once) every day to lose 10 pounds in 1 week.

For pushups and pull ups, do them on alternate days, one day pushups and the other day for pull ups. Do as many as you can, however it’s recommended to do at least 100 pushups in total in one day, with as many breaks as you want and around 50 chin ups on chin ups day.

Commitment for weight loss in a week

Whenever you feel like giving up or quitting remember why you started all this. See how much you have done so far and days have passed without even being noticed! The remaining ones would pass too! It’s up to you to make them count!

Focus on your goal but enjoy the journey! Hopefully you would lose 10 pounds in one week by following these tips. You can also aim for losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks if you want to go slow and honestly, it’s also possible to lose 10 kg in one week but that’s not recommended!


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