How to control thirst during Fast in Ramadan

Ramadan in summer brings alot of thirst while fasting along with it! It’s some what ok to bear the hunger during the fast but the thirst is sometimes really exhausting and unbearable!

This year, Ramadan is in summers and thus are very long! Up to 20 hours in some countries (e.g. sweden) and around 16 hours in Pakistan and India. So it’s really important to keep yourself hydrated for the day by following these effective tips for sehri to control thirst during the day.

How to control thirst in Ramadan

control thirst during ramadan

Here are few tips for how to avoid excessive thirst during the month of ramadan.

1. Use lassi or Yoghurt in sehri to control thirst in ramadan

In the morning, at sehri time, take yoghurt or lassi if possible. (lassi = a milkshake of yoghurt in simple words, take some yoghurt and milk + water and add some salt to it (or sugar if you want) and make a shake of it, have it at the end of sehri).

I prefer having the salted lassi, as we need salt and minerals throughout the day too, not just the water. So even if you prefer having a sweetened lassi, do add some salt to a glass of it. If you’re hypertensive, avoid taking the salt though. Talk to your doctor about salt usage if you’re on a salt restricted diet.

2. Shower during day time to cool body during fast

Take cold shower when it’s hot outside. Cold shower relieves thirst and exhaustion a lot. It relaxes the body and also causes body to cool down. It also causes blood vessels near skin to contract so there is more blood in the inner body system, leading to less thirst feeling.

Obviously, you don’t need to shower with soap every time! Just stand under the cold water shower for a few minutes to relax your body and to get the benefits. This will cool your body and will keep you cool and calm for a long time after the shower too.

3. Avoid Sun & heat during ramadan

Sun and heat evaporates water from the body. So definitely avoid them to avoid thirst! Avoid working in the direct sun during the month of Ramadan. If you work in a office where majority is Muslim, try proposing change in office timings to the night hours, especially if you have to go out in the sun for work.

Remember that we need to keep our body hydrated throughout the day, if not then at least provide it with the minimum required water quantity daily, so that it carries out normal functions and flushes toxins effectively.

If you have any tips do share them with us!

These are some tips added by Aman Rehman to control thirst in Ramadan:

there are some contents related ramazan thirst, which should added to the above para.
1. Avoid spicy food n sehri, which produce stomach acidity and thus produce thirst.
2. Avoid more salt intake in sehri. It also increases thirst.
3. Caffeinated substances like tea, coffee also increase thirst.

Thanks for the tips :)


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