How NOT to trick the body to lose weight

Well, we can found numerous content on the internet claiming that with their method you can trick the body to lose some more weight by various mechanisms. . . Lets discuss it out here.

In every situation we believe that the human body is designed so perfectly by Allah that it can manage itself and adjust according to the conditions but yet we think that any stupid measure can really trick it out to start losing weight? Hell NO!

Well some people will argue that some of those methods work to trick the body to lose weight! well, they dont TRICK it, they infact modify the whole system, and believe me, none of the system is non-tiring or giving results without you even feeling the pain or discomfort.

What you need to do to lose weight is to maintain healthy calorie intake, increase your output via exercise or activity, eat healthy foods and change your life style. The most important factor is to know how body puts on weight, so that by avoiding that mechanism to be triggered, we can atleast maintain current body weight, and then slow and gradual exercise will lose more weight.

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