How Doctors serve people

We normally sit in our gatherings and only blame doctors for their high fees, bad attitude and mal practices.

Most of these observations are either completely or partially false. Corruption has many names, but commenting on a situation which you never know about is called???

1. Just to begin
Well, before going to bigger parts, just review, they are the highest qualified and skilled people around you. Not only they study longer (minimum 17 years, then housejob,part 1 and specialize for 4 years making almost 23 years of study) they also learn how to manipulate the best and complex creation of God, human beings.

2. Doctors Pay (in Pakistan)
Government has increased the pay of fresh mbbs to almost 24000 now (before it was 12000 or so) and of a post graduate trainee to 40,000 (Which was almost half too) Even then, almost 70%  of doctors server for free for 1 year after completing their housejob. People argue that its their internship, but NO! they “work” and server there. When you goto hosp in emergency at 1 am at night when your friend fall from a bike or your dad get a heart attack, its that housejob doctor working for free maybe who treats him there (in most hospitals) so its a full job, not internship

3. Putting their life in Danger
do you know if a needle pricked on a hepatitis or aids patient pricks us, it can transfer disease too? All doctors know that, and still they keep serving the patients, all day, with needles in their hands. Think for a second if you will put your life in that situation easily? Other than that, every now and then in government hospitals, when someone dies, the attendants even start beating the doctors there, for what?

4. Treating for free
nearly all doctors treat many people for free who they think can’t afford. Doctors do make money too from vairous means, but they know where to earn, and where to give it for free

5. Getting cut from labs
Most doctors agree with the labs that when they send a patient to them, instead of giving them the cut of sending a patient, they give discount to those poor patients. what would you call this?

6. Living a doctor 24/7
when your doctor uncle come to visit you, how many of your family members ask medicines from him? when he goes to village, how many villagers come to get treatments even when he is there for vacation? when passing on a road, an accident happens and a doctor is around, does he say I’m off duty?

Come on guys! everyone needs money, but making it an issue and calling doctors a bad part of society? what shall i say!

I am a doctor myself, and i know how tough it is to be one! It is easy if you want it to be, but its hell tough, and most chose the tough part, to serve YOU!

We feel proud when God choses us to be the one to save the life of your relatives having a heart attack or your friends who had a major accident on the road, which might kill them otherwise.

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