General Surgery House Job schedule in PIMS

Pakistan Institute of Medial Sciences (PIMS) is also known as complex hospital in general people.

The Surgery house job duty structure in PIMS is as follows.

Surgery Housejob Schedule in PIMS

Duty starts at 8:00 am morning.

There are three surgery teams. G/S-1, G/S-2, G-S-3. Every team is divided into 4 batches.

However there are only two general surgery wards, surgical ward 5 and surgical ward 6.

Duties are divided as follows.

Day 1: OPD (and ward)

Day 2: Free day (ward day / pre-op day)

Day 3: OT + Emergency day

Every team goes through this structure twice in a week. Sunday is divided among teams for Emergency duty.

OPD and ward day

On OPD and ward day, after the round house officers carry out round orders and have option to be in OPD (not compulsory)

On OPD days the duty goes off at 2:00 pm

Free / Pre-op day

On Free day, there is no OT/ER or OPD. However pre-op is done for the patients on list for the next day as it’s operation theatre day.

On Pre op day, duty goes off at 2:00 pm.

OT + Emergency day
On OT day, duties are divided in batches for OT-3, OT-4, local and ward/ER

Calls structure during general surgery housejob in PIMS

There are almost 11 calls / batch in General Surgery in PIMS which are spread around the month.

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2 Responses to "General Surgery House Job schedule in PIMS"

  1. Aoa Sir!
    I want to ask you a few things regarding the new housejob rules (since I can’t find anything appropriate online and your posts here seem very informative).

    1. It is said that the provisional certificate is valid for only a
    year. Does that mean that once we begin our housejob, we cannot take a
    break from it and have to continue it till a year is complete?

    2. If one does an honorary housejob, does that have the same value as a
    regular, paid house job when we apply for FCPS training? Meaning that
    is honorary housejob acceptable to apply for FCPS?

    3. Is it necessary for MBBS graduates to acquire their provisional
    certificate as soon as the results of the regular as well as
    supplementary exams are announced? If not, for how long after our MBBS
    results can we acquire our provisional certificates?

    4. For how long after our MBBS can we do out housejob? I mean are there any time limits or restraints if a person wants to delay it due to some valid reason?

    I’m sorry for the large amount of text I’ve typed here (will probably take you ages to read it) but I really need your help regarding these questions. I hope it’s not too much of a problem. Thank you for your patience and time. I’m awaiting your reply very anxiously.

    • 1. you can take breaks, however you’ll have to extend the provisional pmdc registration certificate once it expires if your housejob is remaining

      2. yes, there is no difference in paid or honorary housejob

      3. no not immediately, however there is time limit to it (in years – don’t know how many exactly)

      4. same as answer 3

      let me know if you have any other queries

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