First Synthetic Organ Transplant? See how BBC / CNN spreads false news without confirming

There was a headline on BBC (CNN and other too) yesterday that scientists have carried out the FIRST synthetic transplant yesterday on 7th july 2011. And ofcourse, bloggers and teenage doctors running health sites become mad at republishing that post!

This was great to prove how illiterate BBC reporters are in their field which they cover, and also, that BBC don’t confirm the news that they publish too! you can easily by fooled by Fake news. (this is health blog so we will stick to health related news!)

Ok well, lets look at it. They reported that the “SEMI” synthetic tracheal transplant done yesterday in Sweden was the FIRST synthetic Organ transplant in the history of man kind! First of all, tell me, how can a “SEMI synthetic” organ transplant become FIRST “Synthetic” transplant?  (it was an artificial windpipe covered with patients stem cells)

Secondly, this is not the first one. There have been numerous Synthetic / semi synthetic organ transplants done before too. To have an idea see this:

A doctor at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, dips a specially constructed biodegradable mold—shaped like a bladder and seeded with human bladder cells—into a growth solution on March 30, 2006. In a medical first, working lab-grown transplant organs have been made from a patient’s own cells.

Anyway, I will post if I get more info about it, and if you have, please let me know!


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