Fat below Umbilicus

This post focuses on how to get rid of fat below umbilicus. A friend of mine requested that she had got excessive fat below belly button after the cesarian section for her last child birth. Although her overall weight is normal and bmi is in control, but her body is out of shape.

fat below umbilicusFirst of all its important to note that being over weight and being out of shape are although related, but still two entirely different things. So you don’t just have to lose weight but you have to get in a toned up and perfect body shape too after losing weight.

Check your bmi to check if you fall in normal body mass index. (19-25 is normal, try to be near 22.5). If your bmi is more than 25 then you need to focus on weight loss too, however if you’re not over weight then focus will have to be on exercise mainly. This doesn’t mean diet will be out of the scene, rather diet will be just modified to make it healthy but now crafted for weight loss during the toning up process.

Exercises to lose below umbilicus fat

It’s important to understand that fat loss isn’t local. I.e you can’t get rid of fat under the umbilicus directly and specifically just by doing some exercise involving muscles of that area. Although toning up might make it “look like” as if local fat has gone but that’t not the case.

So first let me enlist regular exercises for overall body fitness and toning up which help alot to tone up the belly (above and below umbilicus both):

  1. Jogging (at least 30 minutes)
  2. Pushups – yes pushups not only train your arms, shoulders and chest, but have a great, very great affect on your belly muscles.
  3. Pull ups / chin ups – they have a very strong affect in toning up your belly anteriorly, sides and back too, giving it the required shape and tone.
  4. Abdominals / sit ups (now this includes a set of many different types of exercises for lower and internal abdominal muscles specially)

Notice that I have mentioned abdominals / sit ups in the end of the list. This is for the reason that abdominals have minimum affect on toning up the muscles, at least initially. They are helpful specially once you have six packs visible and want to fine tune them.

One good abdominal exercise is straight leg rising and flapping like in swimming. Or you can go for swimming that will not just helpful in toning up the belly but you won’t be bored too!

Jogging reduces your belly, lower belly, hips and thighs, all. It’s one exercise thats great to just keep all your body fat in control. It beings the overall weight loss and toning up mechanism in your body and leads to many chemical changes in the body.

Pushup and pullups being related to abdomen and belly fat seem strange to some people but it’s not. They’re related quite simply due to how muscles are attached to each other and how body works.

It’s necessary to keep your body shape in proportion. So if one part hangs out, like lower belly fat, under the belly button, it seems quite odd. Hopefully these tips and exercises will help you get back in shape and getting rid of your fat below umbilicus.

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