Driving while drunk facts

Drunk driving is a massively illegal things across the globe, however there are people who still drive while drunk. Lets see some of the facts about drunk driving!

Driving while drunk facts

Some of the statistical facts about drunk driving are:

  1. Approximately one third of the fatal accidents caused in the united states of america traffic are due to drunk driving
  2. In 2007 alone there were almost 13,000 deaths in usa due to impaired driving because of alcohol
  3. It takes around eight hours until our body gets rid of the ingested alcohol and bring the BAC to the level of 0.08 g/dl
  4. upto 75 percent of the accidents during midnight and 3 am are due to alcohol!
  5. 35 percent of the drunk driving fatalities occure due to the age group of 21 to 24!
  6. almost 75 percent of the fatal drunk driving accident victims were not wearing seat belts
  7. surprisingly, the person who gets caught for drunk driving for the first time would have driven drunk around 80 times before that day!
  8. men drunk driving fatalities are double the female ones!
  9. other than alcohol, other drugs such as cocaine or marijuana count for almost 18 percent of fatalities and mostly they have been used in combination with alcohol!
  10. drunk driving cases and fatalities are more common at night than the day time.

drunk driving

Drunk driving is a serious issue and causes a lot of damage and casualties all over the world! There is no thrill or logic in putting yourself and others around you in danger just for some fun or for a feeling of considering ourselves superior to law or other people around us!

Do you have more statistics about drunk driving? share with us!

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