What are the common causes of tremors

What is Tremor?

Tremor is an involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation. It’s somewhat rhythmic and involves twitching or oscillating movements of one or more parts of the body.

Tremors can affect various parts of the body including hands, arms, head, face, eyes, vocal folds, legs or trunk.

Sometimes, tremors are a sign of any underlying neurological disorder.

A common tremor is the chattering of teeth induced by cold or fear usually.

Causes of Tremors

Tremors are seen in variety of disorders and diseases. The most common causes of tremors are as follows:

  • Anxiety
  • Essential tremor
  • Physiological tremor
  • Thyrotoxicosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Heavy metal poisoning, e.g mercury, manganese, thallium

The treatment of the tremor thus depends on the underlying cause.

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