British Scientists clone Dinosaur – Fake hoax

Recently there have been a picture rotating around the internet with the text that some scientists at liverpool’s John Moore University have successfully cloned a dinosaur!

Seriously? Well, technically a dinosaur can’t be cloned as per what the last published studies that I came through has stated due to some “technical” issues with the part of acquiring it’s complete DNA along with some other issues.

The image displayed with the news seems like fetus of some animal and the baby dinosaur is named “Spot”. Quite interesting isn’t it?

dinosaur clone


The SPOT is being intubated currently at the university’s college of veterinary medicine as per that fake news.

The hoax claims that the fetus was intubated in the fertile ostrich womb as they claim ostriches share a lot of genetic traits with dinosaurs (said Dr. Gerrard Jones,a biology professor at LJMU and projects leading scientist – they say)

Anyone with a reference or link to the above mentioned university? can you please contact them and get the info directly from them why they have spread this hoax ?

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