2kg per day weight loss – Is it possible?

Short answer, yes it’s fairly possible to have a 2kg weight loss in 1 day. However, it’s important to understand that not everything that’s possible has to be done. Always consider if it’s safe or not safe to do it. E.g. jumping off from a 10 story building is possible, but not a good idea in any way!

Well coming back to the point, as it’s possible to lose 2 kg in a day, how can it be done? what can be it’s pros and cons? Lets see some details then.

Initial 5kg weightloss is very easy

fat below umbilicus

This statement fits in for those who are living a totally sedentary life with no exercise at all. If you’re living in such a condition then the first 5kg weight loss is really very easy.

This is so because the initial weight loss includes loss of lot of body water. It also includes loss of the glycogen stored in your muscles and liver, which weighs a lot.

When the glycogen is depleted, the body shifts to fats metabolism for survival and that’s where the weightloss gets slow!

So how to get 2 kg weight loss in 1 day if you’re up for a competition or something?

How to Lose 2kg in a day?

First of all, eat nothing. Yes if it’s so important for you to lose 2 kg in 1 day then the first thing to do is to stop eating. This will itself result in half to 1 kg weight loss as you won’t be putting in this much weight by meals in you.

Secondly, clear your body waste properly, defecate and urinate comfortably. This will add another half to 1 kg weight loss.

Now for some more weight loss in that day, jog. Jog for hours and hours as much as you can. Have water with you though.

But remember, no water for some hours too before you have to get on the weight machine for your weight for competition!

Remember, do this for ONLY ONE DAY, that too if it’s very important or urgent for some competition. It’s not safe and healthy so try it at your own risk!

As soon as you’re done with the weight machine, don’t forget to drink a lot of water and milk shake if possible! replenish your body with what you’ve made it suffer.

Can you do this quick weight loss daily?

NO! never! I know it’s very intense feeling to get slim in one day, but cutting or shredding your weight all at once, but that’s not possible. It’s good to have realistic goals and realistic approach! Weight loss is very simple yet complicated, so don’t dive in for easy things and damage your body. Get a proper diet plan from an expert and follow it.

Ask me if you have any queries or feedback!


Extreme weight loss is possible. However it is not at all recommended. Always consult an expert and get advice on how to lose weight without damaging your body. Consult with your doctor and nutritionist about diet plan to lose weight without compromising your health.


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