How did i lose 1kg per day (10+ kg in 10 days)

lose 1kg per dayWell guys, here i am not going to sell any product or book which is usually done with such titles! so just be calm and continue reading on! I’m gonna share my experience of losing 1kg per day with you all! free of cost ofcourse! (however i wont mind if you get any help with it and want to donate some !)

Please note that this article about losing 1kg weight per day is for those who are free (well free in a sense that they will definitely feel too much exhausted, so might not be able to concentrate if they are on tough job or during exams).

Well the background of the story is that this is my info (before i started this regieme):

Age: 22 years

Height: 5 – 11″

Waist: 40″

Weight: 90 Kg

And the specs after 10 days were:

Age: 22 years (well 10 days elder though!)

Height: 5 – 11″ (well couldn’t change it ! )

Waist: 36″

Weight: 80 Kg

Tip: Before going to this regime, have a break for a day, have the fun, eat what you like to eat! coz you aren’t gonna get this stuff for many days now! :) so just get ready for that! and build up your state of mind!

Lose 1kg per day

So here we start it. The basis of this is very simple infact! very less to work around (around 2 – 3 hours a day) but a solid control on what you eat.

1. You need to eat only once a day (i know it might make few of you panic! but come on! its for only 10 days! and also its if you really wanna get slim in very less time! so you need to sacrifice some thing to achieve a bigger goal!)

2. You need to workout (exercise) twice in a day. Making one time the main effort time, and second one just the supplmentry one. This will help you lose 1kg per day or more even.

Well why two? why not just one with longer time of workout? well its like when we finish intense exercise, our body metabolism / basal metabolic rate (BMR) goes high for several hours until it comes back to normal. So if you exercise twice, you get extra few hours of high BMR daily, which will help you lose weight more and faster.

Which is important, as for as long your body will remain in hyper metablic state, more energy and fat it will burn, and faster it will be to lose weight.

Now what exactly is this exercise? Well, only 3 things basically:

1. Running / jogging

2. Pushups

3. Skipping rope

Out of which running/jogging is the primary stuff to be done. You need to get some good joggers and start jogging. Get a mp3 player or ipod nano, and set up for running. You need to run around 1.5 hour a day (yes you can walk in between but keep on moving till 1.5 hour) or make it around 15 km a day. Primary target is to run, but if you are unable to do it initially you can walk in between running , to atleast cover 15 km (you can start with 5 km initially)

Pushups are not to be done with the running, keep them at any other time. Do 3 sets of pushups of maximum what ever you can do.

Skipping rope, well you can skip rope in the opposite time of running . Like if you run in the morning, then skip in the evening (don’t forgot to take bath before you goto office/school! have mercy on others!)

For skipping, have 5 sets of what ever maximum you can do (around 100 per set is fine).

Well follow this for 10 days (1.5 hour running, skipping and pushups) and eat after 2 hours of running session, and only once a day.

When you eat, dont eat the all days meal! eat half of what you eat in one meal daily (oh ya! i know thats ew!!! but you have to do it!)

For having mercy on you, you can have calcium and mineral supplements (cac 1000 for calcium and any multivitamin and mineral tablets from your local chemist )

Drink too much water! too much! You can’t lose 1 kg weight a day without water!

Take a snap shot of yourself and your fat exposed! and keep it near you, on your computer desktop , in your cell phone, in your wallet, on your wall! every where! to keep it in your mind! always! so that i keeps on motivating you!

So! follow it! and hopefully you will come up with good results!

And 10 kg is the minimum! if you follow it hard enough, you might go upto 15kg (but dont push yourself too hard!)

Note: This article stated how i lose the weight! but for those who want to follow it, add this to the routine:

1. take (1-2) egg white (no yolk!) in breakfast and sugar free tea if you want

2. take multivitamin and calcium + vitamin D supplements (sugar free)  (consult physician or ask me in detail)

Hopefully you’ll also lose 1 kg per day by following this regime!

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  1. HEYY!!!!! Im trying dis diet tomorrow!!!!!it bttr work!!!!!!

  2. Hello ammu 15yr old with 80kg.i read the article.its gud . .after 10 days how many days break is needed?plz help me!am 168 this way cause any side effect?

  3. Helpme.r u there?

  4. Am waiting for ur reply plz help me!

  5. R u there help me.what i want to do?

  6. actually i am doing this diet but have a qustion that 1.5 hour exercise we have to do so can we divide this into 30 30 min in morning than 30 min in evening then 30 min in night like this can we do.reply fast plz

  7. Ths plan looks good.em starting it from tomorrow.hope it will work.

  8. huy can you share your email address?

  9. Hi dr,
    Iam useing elliptical daily and burning 500 cal is this ok instead of jogging 1.5 hr .bec I cannot run that much pls tell me

  10. hi,doctor. I wish to try this diet

  11. hello Dr. nabeel,

    I am trying to start diet from tommorrow

  12. Hey, Dr Nabeel. I’m 16 years old and weigh about 80kg and am 154cm tall. I go to school and all so i dont have time to do the excersises twice a day. and only 1-2 egg whites per day? I desperately want to lose 1kg per day please.

  13. Hi doc.. I wnt to lose 10 kg in 3 i wnt to wear a saree in my new gym height is 5.6, weight 69 kg till now…plzzzz help me

  14. Hey Dr nabeel
    Am going ur diet from tommrow
    I have my cousions wedding in 10days i want to loose atleast 15 kg in 8 or 10days
    I will strictly follow d diet that is i will drink lots of water and eat only breakfast …and can i chew sugarfree gum will it affect
    And i will skip 300 daily .50squats .and run on treadmill for min 45 this fine will i loose 15kg in 8 or 10 days….please reply

  15. Hello nabeel, I’ve started this diet it is my day 2. I’m feeling a lot of weakness. I only eat cabbage soup with fruit at night the rest of the day nothing. I run for an hour in the morning between which I walk to and 40 minutes in the evening after that I do some boxing cardio . I do push ups at night. What do you think am I doing it right?

    • you started your comment with “i’ve started this diet”

      but i can’t see “cabbage soup” in my post anywhere :) and can’t see “proteins” in your comment

  16. When should I take the meal?

  17. i have done the GM deit before n i loosed only 3 kgs in one week….whereas my sis loosed 5kgs in one week….i am confuse that will i again suffer from this problm that i vil b loosing less from other people….i m 18yrs old n my weight is 69 n height 163cm……help me i desperetly wnt to loose weight on 10 days atleast 7kgs…..

    • it’s quite variable. Not everyone gets the same results due to many reasons including level of activity and the daily meal amount varies from person to person too + some metabolic / emotional factors

  18. vvvvv.goodddddddddddddd i had lost 13 kg

  19. This plan just helped me to lose a lot of weightttttt…. but waist fat is really stubborn ! It never go off :/ :(

  20. Dr Nabeel u r my last hope pl help me what diet I should have to reduce pl send diet tips I am v upset

  21. Planned to start up with the diet from today… but doing 1.5 hour of excersice is impossible for me… becoz harldly I can do excercises for 20 mins… surely not more than that… so I wud like to know the better alternative for 1.5 hour of excersice each day Mr.Nabeel

  22. I want to lose my weight 10kg in 8 days. Can I do it?

  23. Hi Dr. navel u mention that in breakfast we can eat 2 boil egg and in the evening we can have dinner half if the portion we normally eat but is that mean it could be anything e.g rice or any other carb ?

  24. Dr shall I take green tea without sugar

  25. Dr I am doing 4 hours work out in elliptical bike and 500 skipping with this diet is this k

  26. I am 14 years old
    85 kg, lost 5 kg in 1 month, from 90 kg,
    I walk on the treadmill for 30 min daily ,
    So in your opinion, what are changes i must make or introduce for more weight loss

  27. I am 16 years old
    my weight is 89 kg
    plz tell me about the mineral supplements that i can take

  28. hello dr nabeel……i am 69 kgs n want to reduce 10 kgs in 14 days……what to do plz suggest …i hv given birth to two children through c section cant rope…..any other exercise

  29. Isnt this diet dangerous?

  30. what's your height and weight?

  31. and don't be depressed, you will rock!

  32. how should i avoid sugar cuz that´s really my biggest problem here! please help i want to lose 10kg in 2 weeks but everytime i start it only last for like 1 or 2 days then i start to go back!! how should i avoid it any tips i reeally need help :)

  33. I hope so..(and I hope this reply was to me) My height is 5’5” or 165cm.. and I was 81 Kg when I started the diet,and now stand at 76Kg..(On day 12 )
    My sis is 5’0” in height and now weigh around 73Kg(started diet when at 76kg)

  34. use artificial sweetener tablets or powder (avoid them whenever possible, use sucral but not canderal)

  35. update: don’t use canderal, use sucral instead or none.

    canderal has serious side effects

  36. dani its not a fad diet i lost 13 kg in 10 day the 1rst time i did it n it was fuuun by day 3 u will feel gr8 n even grtr wen u see the scale if ur old enof and over wight give it a try and judge what have u got to lose :)

  37. Day 13..
    I ate a grilled fish this noon..
    No change in weight from 76Kg…
    Im going to start my evening exercise now..

  38. Great, keep it up Shinu :) you’ll lose your extra weight soon!

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