Let’s Lose 7 Kg this week!

So who want’s to lose some quick 7 kg’s weight starting tomorrow morning?

Believe me, it’s simple process! but wait! I never said it’s easy!

You can lose almost half to 1kg per day for this week and lose up to 7 kg easily! get in shape fast!

You can use this diet and exercise to lose 7 kg in a week and then repeat it again too. However please note don’t continue it with same intensity every week. give your body a break and then continue with lesser intensity diet but with higher intensity exercise routine.

How to lose 7 kg in 1 week

So for this week, starting from tomorrow morning, follow this:

1. No carbohydrates till you lose 7kg weight

NO carbohydrates for 7 days. No sugar, no bread, no bran bread, no meal full of vegetables, beans or what else! Just stop all carbs! Oh and no potatoes and biscuits too! (no noodles too btw!)

2. Maximum protein diet for the week to lose weight

Shift your meals to protein. Do this:

Egg white only (no yolk) in the morning. Get boiled eggs.

Chicken, yummy! roast or bar b que! or any other dish of chicken!

Pulses (no white beans though)

Add other protein rich substances! Just by increasing protein in your diet you can enhance the weight loss and see the effects within a week infact!

Please note, this doesn’t include any protein shakes or supplements! They are toxic to the body and damage various organs including kidney. So avoid them during diet and when not on diet too!


3. Walk – twice a day

Walk twice a day for 1 hour each. One in morning, fresh brisk walk! and in the evening or after dinner! Add jogging if possible!

If you’re active and can do more than just walking, jog or run instead of walk. You can lose 7 kgs a week easily by jogging or running everyday. But please note, don’t jog or run after the meal. After the meal simply have a nice walk.

4. Sports to lose 1kg in 1 week

Do any sport. Hike, martial arts, swimming, running, anything! just do any sport activity for a week!

Go to gym or for your choice of sport everyday during the week. Please note, cricket and other static sports are not included in it. Do the ones in which you’ll sweat every minute and make you exhausted.

5. Pics and weight before and after losing weight

Calculate your weight today and daily, and get your pics from all 4 sides, better if undressed or in tight clothes, showing your weight! and place it on your desktop, as a wallpaper! yeah! so that it reminds you of your target whenever you see it!

Well, this might make you feel bit off track and interfering with your daily routine, but come on! it’s just 1 week! (2 holidays, so basically only 5 working days to keep tight diet!) and boom! there’s new you! 7 kg lower than your current weight! Let me know if you lose more than 7kgs in a week through this routine!