Let’s Lose 7 Kg this week!

So who want’s to lose some quick 7 kg’s weight starting tomorrow morning?

Believe me, it’s simple process! but wait! I never said it’s easy!

You can lose almost half to 1kg per day for this week and lose up to 7 kg easily! get in shape fast!

You can use this diet and exercise to lose 7 kg in a week and then repeat it again too. However please note don’t continue it with same intensity every week. give your body a break and then continue with lesser intensity diet but with higher intensity exercise routine.

How to lose 7 kg in 1 week

So for this week, starting from tomorrow morning, follow this:

1. No carbohydrates till you lose 7kg weight

NO carbohydrates for 7 days. No sugar, no bread, no bran bread, no meal full of vegetables, beans or what else! Just stop all carbs! Oh and no potatoes and biscuits too! (no noodles too btw!)

2. Maximum protein diet for the week to lose weight

Shift your meals to protein. Do this:

Egg white only (no yolk) in the morning. Get boiled eggs.

Chicken, yummy! roast or bar b que! or any other dish of chicken!

Pulses (no white beans though)

Add other protein rich substances! Just by increasing protein in your diet you can enhance the weight loss and see the effects within a week infact!

Please note, this doesn’t include any protein shakes or supplements! They are toxic to the body and damage various organs including kidney. So avoid them during diet and when not on diet too!


3. Walk – twice a day

Walk twice a day for 1 hour each. One in morning, fresh brisk walk! and in the evening or after dinner! Add jogging if possible!

If you’re active and can do more than just walking, jog or run instead of walk. You can lose 7 kgs a week easily by jogging or running everyday. But please note, don’t jog or run after the meal. After the meal simply have a nice walk.

4. Sports to lose 1kg in 1 week

Do any sport. Hike, martial arts, swimming, running, anything! just do any sport activity for a week!

Go to gym or for your choice of sport everyday during the week. Please note, cricket and other static sports are not included in it. Do the ones in which you’ll sweat every minute and make you exhausted.

5. Pics and weight before and after losing weight

Calculate your weight today and daily, and get your pics from all 4 sides, better if undressed or in tight clothes, showing your weight! and place it on your desktop, as a wallpaper! yeah! so that it reminds you of your target whenever you see it!

Well, this might make you feel bit off track and interfering with your daily routine, but come on! it’s just 1 week! (2 holidays, so basically only 5 working days to keep tight diet!) and boom! there’s new you! 7 kg lower than your current weight! Let me know if you lose more than 7kgs in a week through this routine!

Lets become friend :) What's your name & email?

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  1. Hi, there

    I'm really desperate to lose weight, my height is 163cm and my weight is 57kg. Will i really lose 7kg in just a week? Please give me some advice.

    I have a few question i would like to ask:

    1. how many meals do we need to eat per day?

    2. What is the calorie intake per day.

    3. what protein would you recommand me for each of my meal?

    4. Are we allowed to drink milk or eat fruits? if so when should i eat it or how many calorie i should take?

    5. Also i will be doing the exercise that you recommanded like, walking twice a day for one hour. However what if i dont have the time to do sports for the whole week except for softball training which is two times a week and basketball training which is one time a week? Could i subsituate the sports activity with doing skipping rope 5 sets per 100 jumps , 50 sit ups , arm and leg/thigh exercises such as lunges?

    Please help me!!

    • what's your current age Lisa?

      your answers:

      1. atleast 2 meals (you can take only egg white in morning – making it 1 meal )
      2. atleast 1100-1300
      3. egg white, chicken (roast or bar b q preferrably) high protein pulses (not high carbs ones)
      4. it's not recommended to take milk in dieting, fruits can be taken in longer diets, but not the ones with high carbs. You can take honey and apple
      5. If someone asks me for 1 exercise, I tell them: "swimming" (and No, not staying in swimming pool for 1 hour, but SWIMMING) . Don't do situps, rest is fine though.

      • Hi,

        My current age is 15. Thanks for the advice!

        I really want to lose 7kg in 7days!

        When i saw this article, i was amazed how i don't need to jog/run to lose weight fast, i could just walk one in the morning and another walk in the evening and doing my favourite sports will help me lose weight in 7 days!!

        So.. would i really lose 7kg in 7 days just by eating no carb and have only protein food (that you recommanded) and walking twice a day for an hour and do my favourite sports twice a week!?

        • depending on several factors, YES you can lose

          But even if everything goes wrong, you should still lose atleast 3.5kg in 7 days following protein only diet and walk + sport (but sport need to have exertion too!)

          • Ok I'm going to try this as I need to drop 7kg immediately. Is it possible to substitute walking for cycling? I have children and work full time can not find the time to get out and exercise, but my exercise bike I can do at home. Is cycling enough exercise to do? Or will I definately need to do something else?

            Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

            • cycling is definitely going to help but running/walk has it's overall affect on body. Do cycling, but do walk twice or so a week for some minutes atleast

  2. I am going to try this diet,I just find it hard to believe that this can actualy work.Going to try it, I'll be back in a week to to let you all know what happend

    • waiting!!!

  3. i've already done 4 days and have already lost 4 kg.. im actually loving this:)

    • glad to know that Kay!!!

  4. i'm going to try it, i know high protein diet always work.. do ive to walk after dinner as i wont have time to do so and i was thinking to walk before dinner and early in the morning as well

    • walking after dinner is essential, but if you don't then your weight loss will reduce, but not stop!

  5. how do i keep it off though?

    • by having balanced diet and exercise almost 3 days a week

  6. actually i go to the gym daily and workout at least for an hour and a half , is that okay ? or should i go for an hour in the morning and another after dinner ? or actually do you think i'll have to do all of the above together ?

    • What time do u goto gym? If you workout really well, then it should be fine (or adding walk once a day with it would help too)

      but if you're having muscle training in gym too then you should take more proteins to prevent muscle loss

  7. Hey, i'm starting this tomorrow.

    Can I eat 3 eggs without yolk, 2x200g chicken breast and one green apple for a day?

    I will jog 45 mins in the morning cause i need to rsh to work and jog at night. I weight 80kg, 22 years old, 163 cm height and dying to lose weight!

    Wish me luck and determination!

    • Good luck! and yes you can add more protein to your diet if you exercise more.

  8. Hey i start this today. I jog two rounds and nearly felt like fainting, then i walk. so after 30 minute i went back and rest on bed while sweating. It's so hard.

    Plan to eat 3 eggs, 2x200g chicken breast and 2 green apples today. Is this okay?

    i'm 80kg, 163cm, 22 year old

    • Yeah you may eat more egg white and chicken breast

      Note about feeling faint: These things will help in that situation (and not the food always):
      -> water with some salt in it
      -> calcium supplement (calcium sandose or any other formulation in your country)

  9. Thanks, I've lost 1kg yesterday :)

    and thanks for the fainting info.

    • glad to know that!

      Good luck!

  10. Doc. Nabeel,

    I appreciate your effort and I wish you could help me too, I really cannot understand what to eat; I read the list above but I am not quite sure what to do, hope you see this and help me.

    • Please let me know your age, weight and height

  11. hey, for the sports, is it okay to bike, because i dont do any of those sports but i love biking so is it okay?

    • ya, bike is perfect!

  12. Does it matter if u eat just two pieces of bread?

    • if it's bran bread then you may

  13. Or can i just have one bowl of rice each day instead of two pieces of bread

    • No, no rice

  14. Dr Nabeel, please give me some advice as I suspected myself for having eating disorder. Whenever I feel depressed, I will start to eat carbos. No matter how I try to resist it, I still can't make it. Because of my eating disorder, I gain 3kg every 2 days. This is really awful. Actually i had tried numerous methods to keep myself away from food, and to follow the diet plan, but I never fail to screw it. Please X3 do help me, I seriously X3 need your help… I don't wanna carry so much fats going around… Thank you so much… Loves..

    • Hi Effy!

      Well this problem has two parts:

      1. dealing with your depression: you need to see if the depression is just a life style issue or is there as a disease, which might need medication and consultation to be solved

      2. eating carbs issue: well, this one has many solutions, but none is "easy" ofcourse. One of them is "NOT" to keep carbs at home or near you at all! fill your fridge and kitchen with diet type stuff so that even if you want to eat when you feel depressed, you don't have anything to eat! Also, keep yourself hydrated. Take calcium and minerals supplements in proper proportion if you are following a diet plan, and exercise regularly!

      Carbs are not always bad either, processed foods are. Avoid processed foods, keep raw ones around you and learn recipes to make them delicious!

  15. i need 2 lose 7 kg this week …. but i want 2 informe u D.nabeel that brfore one year i was on a diff diet and i lost 20 kg .. but i gain 7 kg after one year … so can my body now lose again ths 7 kg with this diet ??

    • ofcourse you will lose 5-7 kg easily with this diet hopefully.

      Also, would you like to share the diet you followed for 20kg weight loss?

  16. ye i started with ananas juis 3 time in the day for the first week after that i eated chiken as lunch and apple as dinner this was second week … and after that for about 3 mnth … as beakfst : milk and brainfleks with the same lunch and dinner … with no sport … so after 8 mnth i lost about 20 kg …. i wll start ur diet 2morrow … am now 60 kg am hating my the +7 kg

    • Good luck!!! keep me updated!

  17. hello Dr.Nabeel!could you please help me? i am 19 years old, weigh 74 kg and am 157 cm tall . I want to lose 20 kg in 20 days.. But thing is, i cant follow the above diet plan since its ramadan and i am fasting..Could you please suggest a diet accordingly that will help me lose weight beofre Eid? if 20 is isnt possible, atleast 15 kg in 20 days.. plzzz help.. thankss.s..

    • Hi Lubna. Please view this post for plan to lose weight in month of Ramadan: Lets Lose 10kg in month of Ramadan

      • Thanks a lot Dr.Nabeel! I will start from today itself! :)

        • you're welcome! you should start! :)

  18. Hello,

    I am 22 years old,169m tall and weigh 64kg but my body fat is higher than normal and is covering my tummy although i dont drink fizzy drinks and avoid bread as much as possible. I seem thin but i cant reach to a flat tummy..would losing 7kg on this diet give me a flat tummy and toned body?because i wanted to become 58kg hoping id get the bikini body..please help me!

    Thank you

    • well, along with protein diet you also need to exercise to tone up your body. I can't suggest much without seeing as such

  19. Thank you for your help,ill post my results after trying the diet :) can u recommend any kind of execersice to do instead of sports? Thanks again.

    • normal aerobics exercises, walk, jogging, etc should work

  20. Hi Nabeel,

    Your diet plan sounds really promising..Today is my first day and I've made plain chicken and lentil soup with some spring onions. As I am fasting as well..so will take it during iftaar as i dont eat dinner(iftaar is enough for me)..you still think i would be able to lose weight??..My height is 163 cms, age 25 yrs and current weight 63.5 kgs..I also exercise everyday on my elliptical cross trainer for an hour and an half and walk around 1 hour at medium pace. Thanks

    • whats the progress Aisha?

  21. hi doc,
    i am 26 yr old. my height is 5,4″ and weight is 72kg. i am getting married next month 22nd and i need to loose weight atleast 10 kg. i am on protien diet and i lost 5 kg in a month its too slow for me. my routine is 2 egg whites in morning multivitamins suppliments plus 2 chicken breast pieces in lunch and 1 in dinner plus 15 to 16 glass water plus green tea with lemon. i do exercise for 2 hour in morning beccause i dont have time rest of day. please help me how can i loss my weight

    • you’re eating good diet food , should lose 10 or more per month atleast

      what are you exercising ?

      and are those chicken pieces boiled with masala etc or are they fried?

  22. So, how many hard boiled eggs can I eat in a meal.

    • 2-3 (without yolk)

  23. I want to try this but I would firstly like to know if after the 7 days I’m going to regain the weight

    • if you’re going to overeat again, you’ll regain ofcourse!

  24. hello Dr.nabeel. Thank you very much for this post!! this is padma from india. i am 27. height 5’4 and i weigh around 90kg. i have been fighting the bulges for years now with mixed results. sometimes i win, but i manage to regain the lost weight eventually. the problem is, however hard i try i cant stay away from some food items. i think its the thought that i shudnt eat them makes me crave for them. how can i beat this craving? also, for my age and weight, do u think the above diet is ok. would u recommend any changes.? Wish me luck!!

    • yes the diet is ok if followed for a week or so atleast

      about giving up the craving for foods, well this depends on will power.

      Tip is to keep a photo of you being very fat on your desktop as a wall paper, or on wall, this will keep you away from food…

  25. Hi Doc. Nabeel,

    I’ve just googled a way to lose 7kg in 7 days and your plan poped up as the first hit. I’m gonna start this instantly tomorrow morning since my fam’s leaving on a vacation next week and I NEED to lose weight. I’m 15, 163cm and 57kg.
    Although I know this may be irrelevant but I wonder if walking and running as my sport will help me reduce the size of my thighs and glutes, since they’re the parts that affect my look the very most.
    Also, I dont have time to walk in the morning since my school starts quite soon, so is it ok if maybe in 3 or 4 days/7 I walk at noon, after lunch, then run in the afternoon as usual, then walk after dinner. Will that work as effectively?
    Also with fruits, can I have apple and grapefruit?

    • walking at noon is fine too but not good if its sunny out there

      walking after dinner is good

      yes you can have apple and grapefruit

  26. Hi doc.
    My height is 5’6 and my weight is 71kg i want to loose weight rapidly and I do workout daily of 2hours. Plz suggest me my diet plan thanks….

    • how much are you losing currently?

  27. Hey dr. Nabeel
    I was wondering if I will lose weight still without excercise , I’m kinda in the middle of exams now , not much time to work out !

    • its not a good idea to diet during exams too as it affects your studying

  28. Dear Dr. Nabil
    I have been on atkins diet for alomost 1 and a half weeks and have only lost 1 kg. I need to lose 7kg so I go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I gave birth about 3months ago. I am 162cm tall, currently weighing at 60 kg and I am 28 years old. I try to go to gym 4-5 days a week and mix work out (cardio and weights) I do that for about 1- 1 1/2 hour. Do you think with the information above I could still lose 7kg. I have to say with atkins I eat eggs with yolk and eat atkins chocolate bar, cream etc.
    I appreciate your help in advance

    • 1. stop having chocolate and egg yolk

      2. you are having proteins and doing gym, so your fat loss is much higher than 1kg but as you’re also developing muscles, overall weight gets balanced

      Keep and eye on your dresses and if they’re getting lose

  29. hej, Dr nabel im just wodering whats better to do with the eggs, fry them (and just pick the white to eat), boil them and just eat the white, or is it best to just drink 3-4 eggwhites (raw)

    • and, can i add oatmeal in the diet, with some milk and berries (replasing apples)

      • 1 tablespoon oatmeal = 10 calories, so you can calculate

    • boil them and then eat the white only – is the best one

  30. okay thanks alot! so no oatmeal :p

    • :)

  31. we can also loose weight by:
    1- drinking a lot of water at least 12 glass per day
    2- doing exercises:
    skipping(45 min)
    walking or jogging(1hr)
    jumping(15min)[u have to take break of at least 10 min after each exercise and drink warm water at least one glass after exercise & then take rest]u have to do exercise 4 only 2 hrs
    3-eat proper meal but avoid drinks,chocolates,chips,biscuit or cakes etc
    i have tried these things and believe me i lost 10 kg in 11 days
    try this and ask me questions if u have any problems!submit ur questions on this wall i will answer u so lose weight and be happy

    • thanks for the tips gurya :)

    • hi :)
      please help me! wantt to lose 10 kg in 11 days too

      • start losing it then buddy!

    • Hi doc,
      I’m wondering about u said 42 glasses aday . Can u tell me in litre pls? And i want to lose 12kg in a short time.
      Last year i was 48kg but now i have increased to 62kg and my weight is 1.66cm. How i lose it all back?? Pls pls help me. I’m 18 years old. Thanks

      • It should be 12 glasses a day, around 2-3 litres water per day!

        your weight is 1.66cm? means?

  32. Hey Doc. Plz give me advice to loose weight……. am 19years old and I loose 6kg in 3 months and I want loose loose weight rapidly plz plz plz reply me hurry!…….

    • did you try this routine?

  33. plz i wll help u ask me questions on this wall i will tell u better things than dr.nabeel

    • well, maybe I can learn from you too then :)

  34. just joking i cant tell u better things than dr nabeel but i m ?Dr.GRB

  35. Yeah why not plz tell me which routine I have to do?

    • the one shared in this post tamina!

  36. what all pulses are we talking abt? can u just name some ?

    • mash, moong, masoor, lobia

      but chicken is preferred over them

  37. Hello everyone,
    I followed d diet and exercise.i can’t tell you how i’m feeling after 6days.i tried other diet before but it never worked 4me.i’ve lost 3kgs till now(though i workout only in d evening).i never thought i’ll be able to lose this much.today is my birthday and i’m so happy.it was lil bit hard in d beginning but now i’m able to follow it nicely..i feel very light n active..it really worked for me and hope to lose more and more kilos..
    Thank you so much Dr.Nabeel

  38. Hi
    plz tell me how to manage constipation in this diet?

    • you can manage constipation by having alot of fluid and water, tea, calcium itself will help reduce constipation and ispagol too.

  39. Hi, the diet looks quiet interesting, I want to start from tomorrow. I workout, go for aerobics 5-6 times a week and go for walks twice each for 45 mins. I have thyroid disorder n other medical probs for which I am taking medicines. I just want to whether I can also lose 7 kgs in a week . Moreover would request you to suggest an alternative for chicken , can I hv pulses twice a day ? Thanks

    • yes you can take pulses instead of chicken

      however about thyroid issue, confirm from your attending physician if it won’t affect your health, are you on oral thyroxine ?

  40. Yes I am taking oral thyroxine , thyrox 125

    • hmm.. please consult your attending physician nishtha

  41. Hey doctor Nabeel plz help what do i eat for lunch dinner and breakfast and can i swim and cycle for a day to lose 10 kilos in 10 days

    • yes you can swim and ride a bike but that should be proper exertion type, not fun

  42. Hi Dr. Nabeel,

    I’m so glad to have found your article as it seems very promising. I am graduating in 7 days and thus would love to lose some weight. I am 18 years old, my height is 5’8″, and weigh 66 kgs. I’ve started this diet today and will keep you posted with the results! Thank you :)

    • great. keep me updated!

  43. Hi Dr.Nabeel

    I want to lose 5-7 kilos in 7 days, I weigh 60 kilos and im 163 cm please tell me a good diet! Also could you recommend any pills?

    • follow the diet I mentioned in this post Rula

      and no pills

  44. hi, I want to start this diet from today, just unsure about the number of meals!
    egg whites for breakfast?
    chicken for lunch
    and what about dinner? thank you.

    • have chicken for meals or other protein diets. its ok if you miss lunch and do dinner only

  45. hello
    my height is 5″3 , age 27 yrs and weight is 67 . i want to follow this diet but one thing i wanna know, after losing if i regain it again then in that condition will this diet help again

    • every time you lose weight, your body becomes more immune to losing it next time. So its better not to regain the lost weight

  46. hello there
    i m from india 2 yrs ago i weighed 65 kgs and after joining gym i lost 10 kgs in 2 months , but i have gained weight very drastically after using contraceptive pills and i find it hard to lose now, but i am going to try your diet plan from tomorrow wish me luck . one thing more i wanna confirm in diet can i take yogurt with sugarfree natura,? can i take tea made of skimmed milk twice a day?

    thanks good night
    take care

    • checkout the calories in that yoghurt

      about tea, yes you can take sugar free tea

      and Good luck :)

  47. what can we eat after we finished this? can we eat carbs again? thankyou

    • if you wanna gain back the weight, then yes you can, otherwise you should either not eat them or do exercise with them

      • dr pls answer me i wrote from 4 days :( :( :( :”(

        • sorry I was busy in weird duty routine!

  48. dr pls answer me !!! :'(
    dr in lunch how much chicken can i eat to lose 7 kilos
    and what should i eat for dinner or there is no dinner
    i am 14 years old , my high is 171 and my weight is 63
    i can walk 2 hr on the tredmil and i can swim and also i can go to the gym is that ok ???
    pls pls pls pls pls answer and thank u :)

    • eat boiled eggs without yolk in breakfast

      eat chicken,pulses,meat or fish for dinner

      swim, but don’t do gym

  49. Am 22yrs old.6feet tall and weigh 80kg presently.I USed to weigh 59kg and had a model figure about a year ago.nw am sedentary and need to loose atleast 12kg in 15days.am willing to start tomorrow.jogging for 30 to45 minutes every morning,eating a very small portion of beans as breakfast,no lunch,eating another small portion of beans as dinner.exercising two hours after dinner.exercise will include skipping and aerobics.also,I plan to drink green tea morning and night for the next 15days.do you think it will work for me especially as I need to loose fat in my hip and stomach area quickly to fit into cloths.pls reply doc.thanks in advance.

    • yes it will definitely help

      just be good at proteins and take calcium and vitamins supplements

  50. salam

    dr i want to know that how much quntity off chicken, pulses or meat we eat in dinner And can we use a cottage cheez ( home made) as a protien source ………..???

    • yes you can use it in normal amounts

      you should eat good proteins as much as you want, that satisfies you. but increase water intake alot

  51. Hey i started from yesterday but i have problem
    I take medicine cause my throat hurts
    Is that will make a problem in the diet ???
    I am 15
    And I am 60kg
    And I have another problem when I always go on diet I can’t stay on it for a long time
    I hope this diet works :)

    • which medicine are you taking ?

      • Dr Nabeel,
        I really really need to lose weight fast.I am 30 in age & live in the UK.getting married in sept.really need to lose loads of weight…plz tell me if this diet will work if i continue for a month how much wight can i lose. I ll walk 2-3 hrs daily & do gym as well.
        currenlty some summer here in Uk so some sweating…please reply.

        • don’t just walk then, jog or swim

  52. StRipsils

    • ?

  53. can i lose 15 kilos in 15 days following this diet????actually um busy with my studies.i dont have much time to exercise.i can walk for 1 hour only..what should i do???

    • you should “exercise” for 1 hour, only :)

  54. Hi dr
    my weight is 77 kg and height 5.5 i want to lose at least 20 kg. Please tel me what i do

    • already replied to your comment hina

  55. thnx doc

    • you’re welcome Farhat

  56. Just wondering if you will gain the weight back again,after taking the diet.

    • if you’ll go back to the same eating habits and routine then your weight might go back too! obviously

  57. i wanna lose 15 kilos before eid…is this possible????um fasting

    • yes it’s possible

  58. dr please give me a timetable to keep to lose 20 or 15kgs in 3 weeks please

    • keep following this regime you’ll lose weight easily (not 20kg in a month though)

  59. can we hav egg white for breakfast nd veg corn soup 4r dinner?

    • you can have egg white only (not yolk) however avoid corn

  60. Im diabetic will it work? I’ll oversly decrease my insulin but if I follow this diet will I defently 100% lose 7kilos in 7days?

    • you may, yes, but keep an eye on insulin and bsr!

  61. I am 34 year male, 40 waist and 105 Kg weight with 5’4” height.
    Have some knee problem while playing squash (doing workout) now can not run but can walk,swim and may be can do some cycling (in gym).

    Please advise for diet and physical exercise.

    • swimming is the best exercise for you mansoor! so you can swim regularly and properly

  62. can i run just 1 hour pear a day ?

    • yes you can rand :)

  63. I am 18. I am doing a diet. I have green tea all day and boiled egg for lunch and for dinner i have steamed chicken, will i lose 15 kg in a month? and i swim regularly for 3 hours.

    • definitely! you will :) keep up the good work. Don’t forget to take multivitamins and calcium

  64. I am anxiously waiting for your reply. and i forgot to mention i weigh 96 kg. and my height is 5’9

  65. Doctor pllease replyy

    • replied :)

  66. Thank you :D Will keep you updated!

    • welcome sara :)

  67. Hi doctor, I’m 15 years old and I’m 165 cm and my weight is 69, will this diet make me lose 7 killos in a week??

    • yes it will but don’t do it too hard, its not good for your age

  68. Hellow Dr. Nabeel,

    I Am 25 Yrs Old Male,
    I Am 5.11 & Weight 101 Kgs..
    I Am Planning To Reduce Weight & Get In Normal Posture..
    My Waist Is 37 Inch..
    From 18-10-2012 I Started Walking 8 Km Morning & Evening..
    My Plan Is To Reduce 8 kgs In 10 Days..
    My Menu Are As Follows..
    Drinking 1.5 Litre Water In The Morning..
    Breakfast: 1 Apple
    Lunch: 2 Indian Bread, Vegetables, Dal & Rice
    Dinner: 1 Apple & 1 Orange..

    By Doing This Will I Be Able To Reduce 8 kgs In 10 Days..

    • first of all, change walk to jogging / running

      secondly, reduce bread and vegetables

  69. Assalam Allikum Doctor. I am 100 kgs and I am 17 years old. My height is 5’9. Can you tell me if I do this diet, like if I go on a high protein diet with breakfast boiled eggs, skipping lunch because I don’t feel hungry at lunch and in dinner I have steamed chicken, will I lose weight? But I can’t excercise because I have my exams coming up. Please tell me if I will lose weight with diet only.. Thanks.

    • you should exercise after exams then :)

      don’t forget to take multivitamin and calcium (with lots of water)

  70. AoA. I wrote to you earlier too but you didn’t reply. I am 100 kgs and my height is 5’9. I am 17 years old. I want to know that if I do only high protein diet for a month or two without excercise how much will I lose. Will I even? My friend went on a high protein diet and she lost 10 kgs in a month but she didn’t follow it properly. She had some carbs in between too. Doctor if I take boiled eggs in breakfast, skip lunch because I am not hungry at lunch time and then in dinner I take steamed chicken. Will it be okay if I do it for a month or two? How much will I lose? Thanks. Please reply soon. My comments are getting deleted.

    • you can have boiled eggs but only egg white, not yolk

      steamed chicken or mutton is good, but don’t do it for very long time, you’re in growing age so take normal diet too along with it

      exercise is a must for you

  71. Doctor please replyy

    • replied … shagufta / maryam

  72. Hello,i’m 12 years old and i would like to loose 3 ~5 kg
    Height 160 cm
    Age 12
    Weight 47 kg

    • have good exercise leon, don’t diet, its not your age to diet…

      just avoid junk food and drinks

  73. Hi Dr. Nabeel,
    Is ham allowed? You mentioned that one should walk twice a day for an hour each, what about other form of exercise for example cycling, what should the duration be? Do I still walk for an hour twice a day if I cycle?

    • you can replace it with any exercise in those two hours

      no, ham isn’t allowed. not just in diet but in life

  74. Hi I am 39 years old and weight is 62 kg height 4ft11inch I have started diet and exercise to lose at least 5kg currently wt I am eating I would like o share green tea and apple before going o Jim than. Ome back n eat small orange and vegetables with 100gm salmon fish and rest o my day I eat fruits and at night. Have chicken n vgbles but as I have notice u avoid not o o fake vgbles and fruits i is it health o ls weight without having these thing in yu dite thanks

    • You’re doing fine, just don’t take too much of fruits and vegetables if you’re taking them already

      add calcium, minerals and lots of water to your routine too

  75. Hello! Im tall 1.82 and my weight is 70kg. Will i lose 7kg in a week with this diet?

    • its not just “diet” its diet plus exercise!

  76. Hi
    Just read your article…about loosing weight 7kgs in week time….am a mother of 1.5yrold baby..I don’t put on any weight during pregnancy..iwas51kg when pregnant and when I delivered iwas60kg…post delivery I weight 49 kgs….but recently I have gain weight am now 59kg….would like to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 52 kg….am planning to follow your diet ,just wanted to ask instead of Walkman planning to go for aerobics…will that be good? Also once the weight is lost should we still continue the diet or get back to normal diet?

    • yeah aerobics is good! and you should keep bit healthy diet not very strict one

      exercise more to lose more weight

  77. Hi, I am currently 117kg 5’8′. Severely overweight , with this diet how many eggs in the morning. And what pulses, do they have carbs? Desperate to lose weight, can I continue t this every week and definately lose 7kg a week? Just want to get rid of my weight fast, please help me , thanks

    • exercise with it, exercise alot

  78. Hai dr nabeel. am ammu.15yr old with 80kg.how many days break is need after the 10days.and any side effect will be in future.plz reply .help me.:-q

    • yes you shouldn’t do hard dieting, however exercise is good for you

  79. Hi Dr, Please help me as I am serious badly must lose 6 kilos before 3o of Dec , it means i have only 7 days from now :((… Can you give me the best quickest diet .. by the way I am taking Zotreem fat burner (once a day)

    • sorry about delayed response… 30th passed :/

  80. hello i am 34 years old and my weight is 65kg and my height is 5feet 2inches and i have 2 kids with c section and now i want to lose 15kg can i lose 15 kg with this diet in 2 weeks ..can i lose 7kg in 1st week with this diet then other 7kg in other 7days..and i want to know fish,butter,and cheese is also included in protien rich substances and which pulses are allowed

    • fish is but butter and cheese isn’t allowed initially until you’re doing heavy exercise

      pulses except “chanay ki daal” are allowed

  81. Hey Doctor ,
    i really want to lose weight but i have a problem
    i am so weak infront of food when i say i wont eat today
    i eat and more :/
    i dont have a problem with the exercises i can workout but i cant eat a small portions

    • then workout harder!

  82. Hi
    Dr. I’m with 5.8 height with 85 kg :( have to reduce 20 kg before Aug . Don’t have much activities . Plz do guide me to reduce weight. I’ll be getting married in start sep . Thanks

    • hi miss khan, are you following the routine ?

  83. Hello Dr. Nabeel

    Today is day no. 2 following your diet …
    But would you please tell me if I can eat any green vegetables such as lettuce or cucumber to prevent constipation??

    Thank You

    • Yes Yusra you can and you should eat them plus have plenty of water to avoid constipation

  84. It’s okay to eat fat free yogurt?

    • yes it’s fine to have fat free yoghurt (with no sugar added)

  85. thank you ! for maintaining weight it’s okay to follow the ‘ breakfast like a queen, lunch like a commoner and dinner like a bum’ ? Dinner at 6pm and no liquid after 7pm with carb only in the morning and of course work out at least 5time a week..

    • Well it depends what queen likes to eat in the breakfast ;)

      however about no liquid after 7pm, no, have as much water as you want and whenever you want, except for right after the meals

      • Well, somethings like wheat bread with dietary jam, greek yogurt and grapefruit. It is okay?

  86. Hi Dr
    May I do skipping both in morning and evening instead of jogging and I had given birth to a baby before 7month by operation is it right for me to do skipping or jogging

    • light jogging or brisk walk is good for you

      If possible go for swimming

  87. Is cardio for 45 minutes fine?

    • yes cardio for 45 minutes is good! but do other exercises too

  88. can we have some fruits on this diet too??? plz reply i am going to start this diet tommorow need to lose 10 kgs before 15 december…plzz reply

    • you can have low caloric fruits like apple and blueberries

  89. thanks doctor i will update after 7 days :)

  90. Hi Dr.,

    I can have boiled eggs but no non veg so plz suggest me diet to have 7 days to loose 7kg in 7days

  91. Hi dr I am 21 year old women and I weight 69 kg I want to loose 9 kg in 15 days.please suggest a diet plan? is it possible to lose in 15 days as m havin an ocassion.. and I can walk for 1 hr and excercise for half n hr. Please suggest me diet plan to lose 9 kg in 15 days please reply

    • Exercise for 1 hour and jog for 30 mins to get slim in 15 days

  92. Hi
    I have been struggling with my weight from a very young age and I’ve tried so many things that just don’t give me the results worth my efforts.
    I am now 24 I am 1.64cm and weigh 73 i want desperately to lose 15 kilos.

    I was wondering if this diet and workout is continued for 14 days is it possible to lose 10 kilos?

    I have a treadmill at home so can walk/jog
    I intend to eat the 2-3 boiled egg whites breakfast
    Plain chicken cooked without oil or anything (I have flavour stone cookware so don’t need oil to cook) I will add some cucumber as a salad side. For lunch.
    Snack will be Apple
    Chicken again for dinner with lettuce as salad side
    Throughout day 1.5L water
    And two cups of green tea for caffein hit throughout the day.
    I also currently do 30 squats a day so will incorporate that into day perhaps after lunch.

    Can I have your advice on if this is a good way to go about it. Is this enough food throughout the day?

    Really need to lose weight its impacting on all aspects of my life for practically most of my life and I fear it’s only getting worse depression wise as I see no improvement and worse when I gain soooo easily in a day I can gain 1-2 kilos :-( I fear if I don’t get on top of this issue now I will never be able to win the battle.

    • Losing weight is the easiest thing in the world, easier than gaining it!

      You’re on the right track, minor improvements are needed along the way, stay in touch

      Start jogging, must! every single day and do pushups

  93. No one ever come back n give their testimony on this diet plan+exercises after 7 days :(

    • I hope you would! :) good luck!

  94. can we hav chapati for dinnr wit masoor dal

    • have masoor daal with spoon and have half or less of chapati if needed, with lots of water

  95. HII

    I m anubala and i’m pure vegetarian so which protein i can take for losing weight and my weight 58 and my ideal weight 45 so i wanna lose at least 10 kg in two weeks so plz. suggest me.

    • You can have green leafy vegetables during this phase

  96. good morning, hope all is well.
    I came across your diet plan and would like to begin on Monday. hope to see results, I have put on an excessive amount 35kgs. í have lost 13kgs already, but still have a further 22kgs to go. id like to lose 16kgs by end of march… I know this is a lot but will it be achievable if I do the 10 day in feb, do healthy eating for few weeks and restart again in march….

    • Hi Tanya! hopefully it’s going good for you! let us know the progress about your weight loss!

  97. Hi doctor I really want to lose 15kg in two weeks my breakfast is an apple
    Lunch I eat fish or tuna or grilled chicken but not all at the same day
    Dinner low fat yogurt
    Do u think I can lose 15 kg

    • Hi Fatma. Yes you can definitely lose 15 kg easily.

      What’s your weight loss success till now?

  98. Can I eat 2 chapatis without oil to lose 8 kg in a week my height is 6.2 and I walk 45 minutes and also climb stairs for 10 min or please tell me the diet

    • Walk? why can’t you run?

  99. Hello Doctor. I saw your blog and I’m starting with this diet tomorrow.
    I am 16 years old and 75 kgs. I have a goal weight of 55 kgs, and I have exactly 45 days for my birthday.
    Do you think I can do it?
    Its basically really important.
    Reply soon, thanks in advance.

    • Yes Ritika you can do it! :)

      Good luck! keep us updated about your weight loss!

  100. Hello Doctor My age is 30 my weight is 80 kgs height is 152 I want to reduce my weight up to 25 kgs is it possible to reduce my weight now I am a mother of 4 year old son and I don’t want my belly fat also please reply and thankyou

    • Hi Usha,

      sure it’s possible to lose weight and get fit at your age! it’s really easy!

      Just start having a healthy diet and exercise regularly, this will also bring the habit of exercise and healthy diet in your kids and thus whole family will be healthy!

  101. Hi Nabil
    I am 33 years old, 5 feet 1 inch tall and 52 kg.
    I want to lose 7kg.
    I go to gym 4-5 times a week and do weights.
    Can you please recommend what should I eat.

    • You have a reasonable weight and active routine

      Just stick to the workout routine and avoid junk foods and sugars :)

      • Thank you :)

  102. hi I am 33 old having 102 kg weight
    what I understood is that I need to jog/brisk walk for 1.5 hours in morning say from 6.30 to 8.00 and then have meal at 10.00 am

    could you please clarify when to do next session and what meal

    I am vegetarian, usually wake up by 6.30 and working but will take a weeks leave just for this weight loss session exclusively

    thanks in advance

    • You should start brisk walk and normal diet control only for 1 to 2 weeks before going to this regime as you’re quite fat already

      you can adjust the timing without taking leave from job too!

  103. hi
    my weight is 102 kg , age 33 , height 5’10” , need to loose 30kg

    I got understanding that I need to walk/jog for 1.5 hours I.e. say from 6.30 to 8.00 then have a meal at 10.00 am

    could you please guide when to take next meal and when to exercise for next in evening

    I am working and vegetarian but will take a weeks leave to do this task
    please guide

    • Hi

      you seem to be highly motivated

      You don’t need to have work leave if you keep your salt and water intake normal and can adjust timings accordingly

      also, it’s not walk or jog, it’s jog or run :)

      you can have second shift anywhere in the evening, almost 8 to 12 hours apart from the first one.

      Good luck!

  104. Hey Doctor, I am 27 years old, 160 cms and weighed 71 kgs but 2 months back I started gyming and dieting and lost weight from 71 kgs to 60 kgs and now want to lose 5 kgs more. I want to be 55 kgs and to lose 5 kgs I am following your diet i..e. Morning – egg whites three
    Lunch 3 pieces of grilled chicken , evening – Apple and dinner – 1 bowl of dal and a chapatti.. I have a week to lose 5 kgs.. Do u think I will be able to?? Is there something you want to change.. Look forward to hearing from you.. Thanks

    • yes your diet is good

      keep exercising and work hard, you will achieve it :)

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