Does Chocolate make you fat?

A question many people ask, not necessarily from other people, but from themselves too when they are just about to enter the bar of chocolate in their mouth! and ya! it’s probably 5th one, or 6th . . . ?

Does chocolate make you fat?

chocolate and fat

So let’s see if chocolate really make us fat or not?

Let’s see if chocolate is one of those food items that make you fat.

We will be discussing later what are the important factors upon which it depends that will we get fat by eating a particular thing or not.

Role of food in making us fat

For now keeping few factors in mind let me tell you a few things:

  • Food does not make you fat (or only fat). It’s basically destined to provide you with energy and necessary ingredients for body maintenance and development. So basically it’s the excess of some food item (be it chocolate or any other) that leads to fat accumulation in the body.
  • Food combination matter a lot! so if you eat chocolate alone it may not be that fattening. However, if you you take it along with or right after meal, then it can make you fat.
  • Total calories intake per day and total calories used per day by our body have a major role in deciding weight gain or weight loss. So make sure that you spend almost same amount of calories per day as you’re putting inside your body. Certain other factors influence the equation too, but generally it should help.

Role of chocolate in making fat

Chocolate itself obviously contains energy (a kitkat bar have almost 106 calories and bounty have 135) but imagine if you took a bar of bounty and went out in the park for a walk and enjoyed the chocolate in the greenery and fresh air? You sent input of 135 calories but you spent almost similar (or much part of it) too!

Change your lifestyle to lose weight

So it’s all about life style! don’t take chocolate with meals or snacks. Walk during or before or after eating a chocolate bar. Or in fact make a habit to buy only 1 chocolate from the market at a time. So when ever your crave to eat chocolate again, you would have to goto the shop and buy one more. This not at all mean that you can eat 100+ chocolates in a day following this method! And that if the shop is right next to your door.

Another tip is: USE COMMON SENSE too.

Other than that, walk walk walk. Walk when you talk. Got a guest and need to spend time talking to them, goto park! or plan a hike! Dinner time? wanna go to the nearest restaurant for dinner? take a walk! save the petrol for your future generations!

Got free happy hours on your cell phone? and now 2 hour are compulsory to be spent on phone? Sure! have fun! take your cell and go out for a walk! talk as much as you want! so walk when you talk!


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