Let’s Lose 7 Kg this week!

So who want’s to lose some quick 7 kg’s weight starting tomorrow morning?

Believe me, it’s simple process! but wait! I never said it’s easy!

You can lose almost half to 1kg per day for this week and lose upto 7 kg easily! get in shape fast!

So for this week, starting from tomorrow morning, follow this:

1. No carbohydrates

NO carbohydrates for 7 days. No sugar, no bread, no bran bread, no meal full of vegetables, beans or what else! Just stop all carbs! Oh and no potatoes and biscuits too! (no noodles too btw!)

2. Maximum protein diet

Shift your meals to protein. Do this:

Egg white only (no yolk) in the morning. Get boiled eggs.

Chicken, yummy! roast or bar b que! or any other dish of chicken!

Pulses (no white beans though)

Add other protein rich substances!

3. Walk – twice a day

Walk twice a day for 1 hour each. One in morning, fresh brisk walk! and in the evening or after dinner!

4. Sports

Do any sport. Hike, martial arts, swimming, running, anything! just do any sport activity for a week!

5. Pics and weight

Calculate your weight today and daily, and get your pics from all 4 sides, better if undressed or in tight clothes, showing your weight! and place it on your desktop, as a wallpaper! yeah! so that it reminds you of your target whenever you see it!

Well, this might make you feel bit off track and interfering with your daily routine, but come on! it’s just 1 week! (2 holidays, so basically only 5 working days to keep tight diet!) and boom! there’s new you! 7 kg lower than your current weight!

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  1. Hey i started from yesterday but i have problem
    I take medicine cause my throat hurts
    Is that will make a problem in the diet ???
    I am 15
    And I am 60kg
    And I have another problem when I always go on diet I can’t stay on it for a long time
    I hope this diet works :)

    • which medicine are you taking ?

      • Dr Nabeel,
        I really really need to lose weight fast.I am 30 in age & live in the UK.getting married in sept.really need to lose loads of weight…plz tell me if this diet will work if i continue for a month how much wight can i lose. I ll walk 2-3 hrs daily & do gym as well.
        currenlty some summer here in Uk so some sweating…please reply.

        • don’t just walk then, jog or swim

  2. StRipsils

  3. can i lose 15 kilos in 15 days following this diet????actually um busy with my studies.i dont have much time to exercise.i can walk for 1 hour only..what should i do???

    • you should “exercise” for 1 hour, only :)

  4. Hi dr
    my weight is 77 kg and height 5.5 i want to lose at least 20 kg. Please tel me what i do

    • already replied to your comment hina

  5. thnx doc

    • you’re welcome Farhat

  6. Just wondering if you will gain the weight back again,after taking the diet.

    • if you’ll go back to the same eating habits and routine then your weight might go back too! obviously

  7. i wanna lose 15 kilos before eid…is this possible????um fasting

    • yes it’s possible

  8. dr please give me a timetable to keep to lose 20 or 15kgs in 3 weeks please

    • keep following this regime you’ll lose weight easily (not 20kg in a month though)

  9. can we hav egg white for breakfast nd veg corn soup 4r dinner?

    • you can have egg white only (not yolk) however avoid corn

  10. Im diabetic will it work? I’ll oversly decrease my insulin but if I follow this diet will I defently 100% lose 7kilos in 7days?

    • you may, yes, but keep an eye on insulin and bsr!

  11. I am 34 year male, 40 waist and 105 Kg weight with 5’4” height.
    Have some knee problem while playing squash (doing workout) now can not run but can walk,swim and may be can do some cycling (in gym).

    Please advise for diet and physical exercise.

    • swimming is the best exercise for you mansoor! so you can swim regularly and properly

  12. can i run just 1 hour pear a day ?

    • yes you can rand :)

  13. I am 18. I am doing a diet. I have green tea all day and boiled egg for lunch and for dinner i have steamed chicken, will i lose 15 kg in a month? and i swim regularly for 3 hours.

    • definitely! you will :) keep up the good work. Don’t forget to take multivitamins and calcium

  14. I am anxiously waiting for your reply. and i forgot to mention i weigh 96 kg. and my height is 5’9

  15. Doctor pllease replyy

    • replied :)

  16. Thank you :D Will keep you updated!

    • welcome sara :)

  17. Hi doctor, I’m 15 years old and I’m 165 cm and my weight is 69, will this diet make me lose 7 killos in a week??

    • yes it will but don’t do it too hard, its not good for your age

  18. Hellow Dr. Nabeel,

    I Am 25 Yrs Old Male,
    I Am 5.11 & Weight 101 Kgs..
    I Am Planning To Reduce Weight & Get In Normal Posture..
    My Waist Is 37 Inch..
    From 18-10-2012 I Started Walking 8 Km Morning & Evening..
    My Plan Is To Reduce 8 kgs In 10 Days..
    My Menu Are As Follows..
    Drinking 1.5 Litre Water In The Morning..
    Breakfast: 1 Apple
    Lunch: 2 Indian Bread, Vegetables, Dal & Rice
    Dinner: 1 Apple & 1 Orange..

    By Doing This Will I Be Able To Reduce 8 kgs In 10 Days..

    • first of all, change walk to jogging / running

      secondly, reduce bread and vegetables

  19. Assalam Allikum Doctor. I am 100 kgs and I am 17 years old. My height is 5’9. Can you tell me if I do this diet, like if I go on a high protein diet with breakfast boiled eggs, skipping lunch because I don’t feel hungry at lunch and in dinner I have steamed chicken, will I lose weight? But I can’t excercise because I have my exams coming up. Please tell me if I will lose weight with diet only.. Thanks.

    • you should exercise after exams then :)

      don’t forget to take multivitamin and calcium (with lots of water)

  20. AoA. I wrote to you earlier too but you didn’t reply. I am 100 kgs and my height is 5’9. I am 17 years old. I want to know that if I do only high protein diet for a month or two without excercise how much will I lose. Will I even? My friend went on a high protein diet and she lost 10 kgs in a month but she didn’t follow it properly. She had some carbs in between too. Doctor if I take boiled eggs in breakfast, skip lunch because I am not hungry at lunch time and then in dinner I take steamed chicken. Will it be okay if I do it for a month or two? How much will I lose? Thanks. Please reply soon. My comments are getting deleted.

    • you can have boiled eggs but only egg white, not yolk

      steamed chicken or mutton is good, but don’t do it for very long time, you’re in growing age so take normal diet too along with it

      exercise is a must for you

  21. Doctor please replyy

    • replied … shagufta / maryam

  22. Hello,i’m 12 years old and i would like to loose 3 ~5 kg
    Height 160 cm
    Age 12
    Weight 47 kg

    • have good exercise leon, don’t diet, its not your age to diet…

      just avoid junk food and drinks

  23. Hi Dr. Nabeel,
    Is ham allowed? You mentioned that one should walk twice a day for an hour each, what about other form of exercise for example cycling, what should the duration be? Do I still walk for an hour twice a day if I cycle?

    • you can replace it with any exercise in those two hours

      no, ham isn’t allowed. not just in diet but in life

  24. Hi I am 39 years old and weight is 62 kg height 4ft11inch I have started diet and exercise to lose at least 5kg currently wt I am eating I would like o share green tea and apple before going o Jim than. Ome back n eat small orange and vegetables with 100gm salmon fish and rest o my day I eat fruits and at night. Have chicken n vgbles but as I have notice u avoid not o o fake vgbles and fruits i is it health o ls weight without having these thing in yu dite thanks

    • You’re doing fine, just don’t take too much of fruits and vegetables if you’re taking them already

      add calcium, minerals and lots of water to your routine too

  25. Hello! Im tall 1.82 and my weight is 70kg. Will i lose 7kg in a week with this diet?

    • its not just “diet” its diet plus exercise!

  26. Hi
    Just read your article…about loosing weight 7kgs in week time….am a mother of 1.5yrold baby..I don’t put on any weight during pregnancy..iwas51kg when pregnant and when I delivered iwas60kg…post delivery I weight 49 kgs….but recently I have gain weight am now 59kg….would like to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 52 kg….am planning to follow your diet ,just wanted to ask instead of Walkman planning to go for aerobics…will that be good? Also once the weight is lost should we still continue the diet or get back to normal diet?

    • yeah aerobics is good! and you should keep bit healthy diet not very strict one

      exercise more to lose more weight

  27. Hi, I am currently 117kg 5’8′. Severely overweight , with this diet how many eggs in the morning. And what pulses, do they have carbs? Desperate to lose weight, can I continue t this every week and definately lose 7kg a week? Just want to get rid of my weight fast, please help me , thanks

    • exercise with it, exercise alot

  28. Hai dr nabeel. am ammu.15yr old with 80kg.how many days break is need after the 10days.and any side effect will be in future.plz reply .help me.:-q

    • yes you shouldn’t do hard dieting, however exercise is good for you

  29. Hi Dr, Please help me as I am serious badly must lose 6 kilos before 3o of Dec , it means i have only 7 days from now :((… Can you give me the best quickest diet .. by the way I am taking Zotreem fat burner (once a day)

    • sorry about delayed response… 30th passed :/

  30. hello i am 34 years old and my weight is 65kg and my height is 5feet 2inches and i have 2 kids with c section and now i want to lose 15kg can i lose 15 kg with this diet in 2 weeks ..can i lose 7kg in 1st week with this diet then other 7kg in other 7days..and i want to know fish,butter,and cheese is also included in protien rich substances and which pulses are allowed

    • fish is but butter and cheese isn’t allowed initially until you’re doing heavy exercise

      pulses except “chanay ki daal” are allowed

  31. Hey Doctor ,
    i really want to lose weight but i have a problem
    i am so weak infront of food when i say i wont eat today
    i eat and more :/
    i dont have a problem with the exercises i can workout but i cant eat a small portions

    • then workout harder!

  32. Hi
    Dr. I’m with 5.8 height with 85 kg :( have to reduce 20 kg before Aug . Don’t have much activities . Plz do guide me to reduce weight. I’ll be getting married in start sep . Thanks

    • hi miss khan, are you following the routine ?

  33. Hello Dr. Nabeel

    Today is day no. 2 following your diet …
    But would you please tell me if I can eat any green vegetables such as lettuce or cucumber to prevent constipation??

    Thank You

    • Yes Yusra you can and you should eat them plus have plenty of water to avoid constipation

  34. It’s okay to eat fat free yogurt?

    • yes it’s fine to have fat free yoghurt (with no sugar added)

  35. thank you ! for maintaining weight it’s okay to follow the ‘ breakfast like a queen, lunch like a commoner and dinner like a bum’ ? Dinner at 6pm and no liquid after 7pm with carb only in the morning and of course work out at least 5time a week..

    • Well it depends what queen likes to eat in the breakfast ;)

      however about no liquid after 7pm, no, have as much water as you want and whenever you want, except for right after the meals

      • Well, somethings like wheat bread with dietary jam, greek yogurt and grapefruit. It is okay?

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